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A pledge to sustainability with a promise to sophistication and delicacy of design. When we put our soul into each Ancient-inspired piece, we not only create timeless jewelry, but we also respect Mother Earth.

Agapé Studio comes in a precious 3-micron gold layer, remixed and recycled but always shining like new. Sustainable layering allows us to care for the environment while following our passion for creation. All gold comes from countries that respect the fair-trade agreement and follow the strictest ethical laws. Every material used in the process is recycled, nickel, and lead-free. We know how important skin health is, so the elements are non-allergenic, and their water-resistant polish has a gloss that lasts forever.

After modeling and creation, our avant-garde pieces are then packed into a stylish bag. Just as our creations are kind to Earth, our packaging is kind to the animals too. From a variety of upscale materials, we chose a mix of cotton and linen for our pouches. This way, we avoid harming animals and deliver in style. Additionally, we use chic recycled cardboard boxes that protect your jewelry and get it at your doorstep anywhere in the world.

Lastly, just like our creations, we picked our shipping company based on the values we share. Ever since 1973, they have used a fleet of electric vehicles. Their carbon-neutral services rely on renewable energies, actively reducing emissions with each passing year. We believe in supporting our ecosystem to achieve a more sustainable world which is why our preferred shipping company is, in fact, the first postal operator in the world to be completely carbon neutral. So, you can get your Agapé Studio elements with no negative effect to the Earth.

From recycled non-allergenic materials to ethically-sourced and sustainable gold layering, at Agapé Studio we confidently offer a two-year warranty against oxidation and defects for our jewelry line. Packing in stylish mix of cotton and linen pouches, and recycled cardboard boxes makes the process kind to our planet, from creation to shipment. By supporting us, you support sustainable artistry.