Cirà BraceletCirà Bracelet

Cirà Bracelet

$42.00 USD
Dorea BraceletDorea Bracelet

Dorea Bracelet

$88.00 USD
Alphé BraceletAlphé Bracelet

Alphé Bracelet

$53.00 USD
Melya BraceletMelya Bracelet

Melya Bracelet

$42.00 USD
Lustra BraceletLustra Bracelet

Lustra Bracelet

$46.00 USD
Loulo BraceletLoulo Bracelet

Loulo Bracelet

$31.00 USD
Orion BraceletOrion Bracelet

Orion Bracelet

$51.00 USD
Monia BraceletMonia Bracelet

Monia Bracelet

$46.00 USD
Roméo BraceletRoméo Bracelet

Roméo Bracelet

$38.00 USD
Lia BraceletLia Bracelet

Lia Bracelet

$38.00 USD
Estée BraceletEstée Bracelet

Estée Bracelet

$49.00 USD
Alba BraceletAlba Bracelet

Alba Bracelet

$42.00 USD
Gaya BraceletGaya Bracelet

Gaya Bracelet

$42.00 USD
Syna BraceletSyna Bracelet

Syna Bracelet

$42.00 USD
Petrus BraceletPetrus Bracelet

Petrus Bracelet

$46.00 USD

Agape Studio is an exclusive online store that offers the finest quality gold plated bracelets for women. If you want to impress your friends or loved ones, or if you just want to add some class to your outfit, then our gold plated bracelets are a perfect fit.

Moreover, our gold plated bracelet for women can also work as a special gift and unique way to express your love, care and affection to someone.

On top of it, our gold plated bracelets for ladies are manufactured using the finest materials to ensure lasting durability and long-term use while maintaining elegance and good looks.

So, choose from our stylish and elegant designs to put on your wrist and dazzle the world!

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