Agapé is a French jewelry brand combining beauty and elegance into timeless pieces which each tell a unique story. Our jewels harmoniously connect culture and esthetic to enhance each woman’s charm.

Inspired by ancient times, our main objective is to transmit the beauty of antiquity throughout our jewels to the modern world. The story and signification behind each jewel will give the impression of wearing both unique and meaningful pieces directly inspired by Ancient Civilizations. Most of our jewels seem to have been taken straight out of an archeological excavation.

Based in Paris, we are a group of friends, who founded Agapé in October 2019. We wanted to develop our passion for jewelry and antiques. The name Agapé comes from the ancient Greek meaning "divine and unconditional love". This name seemed obvious to us when we launched our brand as we are deeply sensible to values linked to kindness, love and friendship.