Elora ringElora ring

Elora ring

$51.00 USD
Amira RingAmira Ring

Amira Ring

$57.00 USD
Lunaïs RingLunaïs Ring

Lunaïs Ring

$68.00 USD
Nerida RingNerida Ring

Nerida Ring

$49.00 USD
Laurea RingLaurea Ring

Laurea Ring

$46.00 USD
Helios RingHelios Ring

Helios Ring

$62.00 USD
Margot II RingMargot II Ring

Margot II Ring

$53.00 USD
Axia RingAxia Ring

Axia Ring

$53.00 USD
Victoria RingVictoria Ring
Sold out

Victoria Ring

$75.00 USD
Penelope RingPenelope Ring

Penelope Ring

$53.00 USD
Lya RingLya Ring

Lya Ring

$53.00 USD
Anatole II RingAnatole II Ring

Anatole II Ring

$36.00 USD
Ethel RingEthel Ring

Ethel Ring

$51.00 USD
Arielle RingArielle Ring

Arielle Ring

$55.00 USD
Medusa RingMedusa Ring

Medusa Ring

$42.00 USD
Luna RingLuna Ring

Luna Ring

$46.00 USD

If you’re an admirer of gold plated rings, then Agape Studio has brought to you the biggest collection. The rings are handmade to the highest quality and can be carried out on a wide range of occasions. Made available to our customers at affordable prices, our gold plated ring for women can be used as wedding bands or promise rings as well.

All our gold plated rings online are carefully crafted with love and care. Our aim is to make your day even more special by providing you with the best quality jewelry available.

Ethically made in France in our Parisian workshop, our sustainable gold plated finger rings come in many different styles. Moreover, all our rings have a 2-year guarantee and are water-resistant.

On top of it, we are constantly expanding our craftsmanship to offer even more styles, so make sure you check back with us regularly to see what we have added.

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