The source of our inspiration and its very foundation is Ancient art. Our collections are thought with the notion of time, and yet inspired by various stories and designs from this period. The story and signification attached to each piece is aimed to give the impression of a treasure found during an archeological excavation. Combining both the past and the present, we strive to create rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that all have a story to tell.

Once the imagination has flourished, our creative team works alongside experts to use the finest skills and techniques to materialize the pieces. Experts specialized in Ancient pieces are able to reproduce the subtility and delicacy that define Ancient history through 3D modeling. Together, we work to reproduce the delicate aspects of ancient pieces by leveraging their unique ‘savoir-faire’.
Our jewel sculptors, who could be considered as Ancient history architects, have a strong experience in the elaboration of edifices, objects and pieces of clothing from the past. These skilled specialists have the ability of adding a special twist to your jewelry, which gives our creations this inimitable style and unique ancient feeling whilst remaining very modern and chic.

This gilding technique is made by one of the best workshops in Paris. The galvanization expertise of our workshop ensures the longevity of our pieces as it adapts to every single surface. In fact, our jewels go through mutliple steps before reaching its perfect gilding.
After being washed and degreased, they are immersed in an alkaline tube to give them a copper consistency. Our pieces are then immersed in a bath of copper during a very limited and precise period of time, which gives our jewels this unique gold-plated color.
As a result, we confidently offer a year’s guarantee against oxidation and gilding defects to all of our clients. We therefore ensure that all our clients can fully enjoy and appreciate the piece’s true worth.

Our pieces are all packed in a small vegan leather pouch to protect your jewelry. We take pride in being an eco-friendly brand and we greatly believe that we have a responsibility towards respecting our environment. As a result, we wish to be leaders in the protection of our planet.
Our leather pouches can be used for various means: some of our clients use this pouch as a small purse, a jewelry case or even a small bag to store valuable objects.