Ysia ChokerYsia Choker

Ysia Choker

$80.00 USD
Resa ChokerResa Choker

Resa Choker

$63.00 USD
Agapé Studio Isis Necklace jewelry goldIsis Necklace

Isis Necklace

$63.00 USD
Agapé Studio Rania Necklace jewelry goldRania Necklace

Rania Necklace

$67.00 USD
Agapé Studio Horace Choker jewelry goldHorace Choker

Horace Choker

$91.00 USD
Agapé Studio Luna Necklace jewelry goldLuna Necklace

Luna Necklace

$63.00 USD
Agapé Studio Orphée Choker jewelry goldOrphée Choker

Orphée Choker

$65.00 USD
Agapé Studio Pia Necklace jewelry goldPia Necklace

Pia Necklace

$58.00 USD
Agapé Studio Alba Necklace jewelry goldAlba Necklace

Alba Necklace

$63.00 USD
Achille ChokerAchille Choker
Sold out

Achille Choker

$87.00 USD
Agapé Studio Anatole Choker jewelry goldAnatole Choker

Anatole Choker

$58.00 USD
Agapé Studio Isidore Choker jewelry goldIsidore Choker
Sold out

Isidore Choker

$58.00 USD
Agapé Studio Iris Necklace jewelry goldIris Necklace Agapé Studio jewelry gold plated

Iris Necklace

$54.00 USD
Agapé Studio Gaya Necklace jewelry goldGaya Necklace

Gaya Necklace

$63.00 USD

Agape Studio offers the highest quality Gold Plated Necklaces that complement the look of all sorts of attire. Our necklaces are handmade by expert artisans in France in our Parisian workshop. Made of high-quality materials, we have a variety of gold covering necklace, gold plated pendant, and gold pendant chain necklace that will make you satisfied and happy with your purchase.

Our collection of gold plated chain necklaces includes Zodiac Sign Necklaces, Gaya Necklace, Diane Necklace, Luna Necklace, and Olympia Necklace, and more. All these necklaces are beautiful, and will last for a long time, making them the perfect gift for loved ones.

 If you’re interested in buying any of these gold plated chain necklaces for women that can work to augment your look or add charm to your personality, consider exploring our collection today.

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