Estée ChokerEstée Choker

Estée Choker

$67.00 USD
Ysia ChokerYsia Choker

Ysia Choker

$80.00 USD
Resa ChokerResa Choker

Resa Choker

$63.00 USD
Agapé Studio Horace Choker jewelry goldHorace Choker

Horace Choker

$91.00 USD
Agapé Studio Orphée Choker jewelry goldOrphée Choker

Orphée Choker

$65.00 USD
Achille ChokerAchille Choker
Sold out

Achille Choker

$87.00 USD
Agapé Studio Anatole Choker jewelry goldAnatole Choker

Anatole Choker

$58.00 USD
Agapé Studio Isidore Choker jewelry goldIsidore Choker
Sold out

Isidore Choker

$58.00 USD

Agape Studio offers the highest quality gold plated chokers online.Whether you want a simple chain, or a more intricate design with additional details and charms, our collection of gold plated choker jewelry collection is sure to fulfill your needs.

Our gold plated chokers are the perfect accessory to complete your look. We have everything you need for a sophisticated look that is sure to wow!Whether you have a special occasion coming up or need a gold covering choker necklace for regular use, trust your look with one of our handmade pieces.

So, opt for gold plated chokers by Agape Studio as they are made of high quality material-not too heavy and not too delicate, they are just perfect to make you look stunning in every attire.

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