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Gifts from 50€ to 75€

Taya RingTaya Ring
Taya Ring Sale price€52,00 EUR
Mellona RingMellona Ring
Mellona Ring Sale price€72,00 EUR
Filippa Large Silver RingFilippa Large Silver Ring
Filippa Large Silver Ring Sale price€60,00 EUR
Filippa Large RingFilippa Large Ring
Filippa Large Ring Sale price€66,00 EUR
Grazia EarringsGrazia Earrings
Grazia Earrings Sale price€68,00 EUR
Goccia EarringsGoccia Earrings
Goccia Earrings Sale price€58,00 EUR
Joanna CharmJoanna Charm
Joanna Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Felicita CharmFelicita Charm
Felicita Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Zodiac CharmZodiac Charm
Zodiac Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Birthstone CharmBirthstone Charm
Birthstone Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Tanit Silver BraceletTanit Silver Bracelet
Tanit Silver Bracelet Sale price€52,00 EUR
Meada Silver BraceletMeada Silver Bracelet
Meada Silver Bracelet Sale price€52,00 EUR
Meada BraceletMeada Bracelet
Meada Bracelet Sale price€58,00 EUR
Eliana RingEliana Ring
Eliana Ring Sale price€56,00 EUR
Etérea RingEtérea Ring
Etérea Ring Sale price€72,00 EUR
Astria Silver RingAstria Silver Ring
Astria Silver Ring Sale price€60,00 EUR
Astria RingAstria Ring
Astria Ring Sale price€64,00 EUR
Lysia Olive EarringsLysia Olive Earrings
Lysia Olive Earrings Sale price€64,00 EUR
Sold out Anilla Silver EarringsAnilla Silver Earrings
Anilla Silver Earrings Sale price€62,00 EUR
Sold out Anilla EarringsAnilla Earrings
Anilla Earrings Sale price€68,00 EUR
Mati CharmMati Charm
Mati Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Nola CharmNola Charm
Nola Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Marcia RingMarcia Ring
Marcia Ring Sale price€54,00 EUR
Côme Large RingCôme Large Ring
Côme Large Ring Sale price€58,00 EUR
Luz RingLuz Ring
Luz Ring Sale price€66,00 EUR
Marea Mini EarringsMarea Mini Earrings
Marea Mini Earrings Sale price€68,00 EUR
Avia EarringsAvia Earrings
Avia Earrings Sale price€58,00 EUR
Ángel EarringsÁngel Earrings
Ángel Earrings Sale price€72,00 EUR
Lourdes NecklaceLourdes Necklace
Lourdes Necklace Sale price€52,00 EUR
Cálida CharmCálida Charm
Cálida Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Estela CharmEstela Charm
Estela Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Luzón CharmLuzón Charm
Luzón Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Figuera Silver EarringsFiguera Silver Earrings
Figuera Silver Earrings Sale price€72,00 EUR
Célaphine Silver EarringsCélaphine Silver Earrings
Célaphine Silver Earrings Sale price€58,00 EUR
Solea Silver NecklaceSolea Silver Necklace
Solea Silver Necklace Sale price€54,00 EUR
Paola Silver NecklacePaola Silver Necklace
Paola Silver Necklace Sale price€60,00 EUR
Luna Silver NecklaceLuna Silver Necklace
Luna Silver Necklace Sale price€54,00 EUR
Orphée Silver ChokerOrphée Silver Choker
Orphée Silver Choker Sale price€58,00 EUR
Lysia Turquoise CharmLysia Turquoise Charm
Lysia Turquoise Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Olivera CharmOlivera Charm
Olivera Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Calvià CharmCalvià Charm
Calvià Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Calixta CharmCalixta Charm
Calixta Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Catalina RingCatalina Ring
Catalina Ring Sale price€62,00 EUR
Pao EarringsPao Earrings
Pao Earrings Sale price€72,00 EUR
Goya EarringsGoya Earrings
Goya Earrings Sale price€58,00 EUR
Marta NecklaceMarta Necklace
Marta Necklace Sale price€54,00 EUR
Letter CharmLetter Charm
Letter Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Francesca EarringsFrancesca Earrings
Francesca Earrings Sale price€64,00 EUR
Dalias EarringsDalias Earrings
Dalias Earrings Sale price€52,00 EUR
Cala CharmCala Charm
Cala Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Tarida CharmTarida Charm
Tarida Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Illa CharmIlla Charm
Illa Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Mara CharmMara Charm
Mara Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Molì CharmMolì Charm
Molì Charm Sale priceFrom €36,00 EUR
Rafael NecklaceRafael Necklace
Rafael Necklace Sale price€66,00 EUR
Aléa Mini EarringsAléa Mini Earrings
Aléa Mini Earrings Sale price€72,00 EUR
Irena CharmIrena Charm
Irena Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Mitea RingMitea Ring
Mitea Ring Sale price€52,00 EUR
Zéphir II EarringsZéphir II Earrings
Zéphir II Earrings Sale price€56,00 EUR
Eya EarringsEya Earrings
Eya Earrings Sale price€58,00 EUR
Isabella EarringsIsabella Earrings
Isabella Earrings Sale price€72,00 EUR
Catiya NecklaceCatiya Necklace
Catiya Necklace Sale price€52,00 EUR
Selina NecklaceSelina Necklace
Selina Necklace Sale price€52,00 EUR
Périsa NecklacePérisa Necklace
Périsa Necklace Sale price€68,00 EUR
Zodiac NecklaceZodiac Necklace
Zodiac Necklace Sale price€62,00 EUR
Lysia Azure CharmLysia Azure Charm
Lysia Azure Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Amira RingAmira Ring
Amira Ring Sale price€52,00 EUR
Lysia Green CharmLysia Green Charm
Lysia Green Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Lunaïs RingLunaïs Ring
Lunaïs Ring Sale price€62,00 EUR
Mira EarringsMira Earrings
Mira Earrings Sale price€74,00 EUR
Azélia EarringsAzélia Earrings
Azélia Earrings Sale price€58,00 EUR
Nerea EarringsNerea Earrings
Nerea Earrings Sale price€58,00 EUR
Aura EarringsAura Earrings
Aura Earrings Sale price€60,00 EUR
Loré NecklaceLoré Necklace
Loré Necklace Sale price€62,00 EUR
Alura NecklaceAlura Necklace
Alura Necklace Sale price€72,00 EUR
Lumoria NecklaceLumoria Necklace
Lumoria Necklace Sale price€66,00 EUR
Sold out Miva Green CharmMiva Green Charm
Miva Green Charm Sale priceFrom €30,00 EUR
Monia Green CharmMonia Green Charm
Monia Green Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Sold out Écléa BraceletÉcléa Bracelet
Écléa Bracelet Sale price€52,00 EUR
Bal II Green RingBal II Green Ring
Bal II Green Ring Sale price€64,00 EUR
Célaphine EarringsCélaphine Earrings
Célaphine Earrings Sale price€64,00 EUR
Écléa NecklaceÉcléa Necklace
Écléa Necklace Sale price€72,00 EUR
Ezra II NecklaceEzra II Necklace
Ezra II Necklace Sale price€62,00 EUR
Horace Mini BraceletHorace Mini Bracelet
Horace Mini Bracelet Sale price€58,00 EUR
Petrus Pink NecklacePetrus Pink Necklace
Petrus Pink Necklace Sale price€56,00 EUR
Sold out Indra NecklaceIndra Necklace
Indra Necklace Sale price€62,00 EUR
Lumi NecklaceLumi Necklace
Lumi Necklace Sale price€72,00 EUR
Lustra NecklaceLustra Necklace
Lustra Necklace Sale price€72,00 EUR
Solune NecklaceSolune Necklace
Solune Necklace Sale price€72,00 EUR
Naia CharmNaia Charm
Naia Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Estée CharmEstée Charm
Estée Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Isis CharmIsis Charm
Isis Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Luna CharmLuna Charm
Luna Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Gaya CharmGaya Charm
Gaya Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Philia CharmPhilia Charm
Philia Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Ava CharmAva Charm
Ava Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Catea CharmCatea Charm
Catea Charm Sale priceFrom €28,00 EUR
Scarab CharmScarab Charm
Scarab Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Miva Honey CharmMiva Honey Charm
Miva Honey Charm Sale priceFrom €32,00 EUR
Tora EarringsTora Earrings
Tora Earrings Sale price€52,00 EUR