Chroma EarringsChroma Earrings

Chroma Earrings

$40.00 USD
Diha EarringsDiha Earrings

Diha Earrings

$31.00 USD
Tora EarringsTora Earrings

Tora Earrings

$53.00 USD
Inaya EarringsInaya Earrings

Inaya Earrings

$36.00 USD
Laurea EarringsLaurea Earrings

Laurea Earrings

$42.00 USD
Zynala EarringsZynala Earrings

Zynala Earrings

$38.00 USD
Oal EarringsOal Earrings

Oal Earrings

$46.00 USD
Morla EarringsMorla Earrings

Morla Earrings

$36.00 USD
Mino EarringsMino Earrings

Mino Earrings

$36.00 USD
Zyna EarringsZyna Earrings

Zyna Earrings

$36.00 USD
Estée EarringsEstée Earrings

Estée Earrings

$49.00 USD
Sophia EarringsSophia Earrings

Sophia Earrings

$62.00 USD
Cléon EarringsCléon Earrings

Cléon Earrings

$88.00 USD
Aléa EarringsAléa Earrings

Aléa Earrings

$99.00 USD
Tortis EarringsTortis Earrings

Tortis Earrings

$46.00 USD
Cordia EarringsCordia Earrings

Cordia Earrings

$79.00 USD
Flora EarringsFlora Earrings

Flora Earrings

$46.00 USD

Agape Studio offers a wide variety of highest quality gold plated jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, rings, chokers, bracelets, and more. While all of them are highly acclaimed by our customers, our gold-plated earrings are the top-selling ones. Each pair of earrings is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail using only the finest gold-plated materials.

Our gold covering earrings are a great fit for every purpose. Our elegant and sophisticated gold plated earrings are a timeless treasure that can be worn for social occasions, as well as for business events. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or simply gifting a friend, these gold coated earrings are loved by all. Their elegant design and long-lasting shine are sure to make you stand out in the crowd.

On top of it, our gold plated earrings are available at extremely cost-effective prices. So, if you’re planning to buy our earrings for a bunch of people or can’t resist buying a big assortment of our earrings for your own use, we can make them available to you at highly economical prices.

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