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Article: Do You Know These Important Facts on Gold-plated Jewelry?

Do You Know These Important Facts on Gold-plated Jewelry?

Do You Know These Important Facts on Gold-plated Jewelry?

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You’ve recently come across a gold-plated jewelry store and wondered what kind of gold that is. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As gold-plated jewelry becomes more and more popular, people are getting interested in it and want to know more before they buy their first set.

What Do You Mean by Gold-Plated Jewelry?

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We often get questions like this on our Instagram account. People like our jewelry, but they want to know what exactly we craft and sell.

With that in mind, we decided to create Part 2 of our gold-plated informational blogs, where we answer all your questions. 

If you want to know more, you can check Part 1 on everything you want to know about gold-plated jewelry.

Let’s dive in.

What Does Gold-Plated Jewelry Mean?

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Gold-plated jewelry is a type of jewelry with a different metal as the base and then dipped in gold for a final touch of shine. Of course, this is a simplified explanation of what truly gold plating is.

At Agapé, we have a very complex process of crafting our jewelry, and gold plating goes beyond just shine. 

To help you understand what gold-plated jewelry is, we’ll go through each step of our process.

  • Our jewelry is inspired by ancient times, and so we draw inspiration from museums, excavation sites, and ancient architecture.
  • Once we’ve gathered enough ideas, we 3D model our visions and turn them into a hypoallergenic brass base.
  • Brass is what we use for our gold-plated jewelry because, unlike copper, brass does not oxidize and trigger skin allergies as easily.
  • Then, the allergy-free brass surface is prepared by cleaning any dirt, rust, or oil.
  • We polish the surface with ultrasonic bathing and solvents. This way, any chemical residue is removed so that it takes on the layers of gold.
  • We apply an alkaline tube to give brass its consistency.
  • Finally, we apply a 3-micron gold layer - a thick layer of gold that adapts to every surface and ensures the longevity of the shine.
  • We rinse and dry each gold-plated piece and give the gold time to adapt to the surface.

Our process ensures that we apply enough gold on the surface of the brass base. A 3-micron gold layer is considerably more gold than the standard 0.5-1 micron gold, which other manufacturers apply.

This way, we not only make our jewelry shine more and longer, but we also protect the brass from coming in contact with the skin or oxidizing and tarnishing the gold.

Is Gold-Plated Jewelry Hypoallergenic?

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Gold-plated jewelry by Agapé is hypoallergenic because we use a thick layer of gold and brass as the base.

Gold is known to be the least reactive metal on the planet, which means it does not oxidize in contact with oxygen or other elements, and it protects the brass from causing any allergic reactions on the skin.

Many people wonder, “is it bad to wear gold-plated jewelry” but that simply isn’t the case.

Our thick layer of gold ensures that everything stays intact even when you wear your gold-plated jewelry daily.

Is It Worth Buying Gold-Plated Jewelry?

Syna bracelet with Philéas bracelet

Yes. When gold-plated jewelry is made to last, like our 3-micron gold layer, then it definitely is worth it.

Especially when with Agapé gold-plated jewelry, you get a 2-year warranty in case of any tarnishing, dullness of the shine, or fading.

Where to Buy Gold-Plated Jewelry?

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You can buy luxurious gold-plated jewelry safely at our online store or the Parisian store. If you’re wondering, “should you buy gold-plated jewelry,” take a look at our customer reviews updated daily and find your next favorite golden piece.

What Metal Is Used Under Gold-Plated Jewelry?

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Brass is the best metal to use under gold-plated jewelry. At Agapé, we use brass covered in gold because it’s hypoallergenic and the least reactive to the elements. Other metals that can be used are copper or other alloys, but brass remains the best with the highest longevity.

Does Gold-Plated Jewelry Last Long?

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Gold-plated jewelry can last long if it’s made properly and taken care of well. We have written an extensive blog on how to clean gold-plated jewelry, where we shared tips and cleaning recipes that will ensure the shine and longevity of your favorite gold-plated pieces.

If you want to know what is the best way to clean gold-plated jewelry, follow these steps:

  • Keep your gold-plated jewelry away from perfumes, makeup, and other chemicals like acidic fruit, cleaning products or chlorine, or salt water.
  • Clean your most commonly worn pieces regularly. If you wear gold-plated jewelry daily, we recommend cleaning it weekly or bi-weekly with the following solution: 

Mix lukewarm water with mild dish soap in a small bowl and soak your gold-plated jewelry until the build-up starts coming off.

Don’t use antibacterial soap because these chemicals are too strong for the plating and might cause it to tarnish further. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to pat dry it. For more cleaning recipes and tips, read here.

Where to Buy Gold-Plated Jewelry Wholesale?

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You can buy gold-plated jewelry wholesale from Agapé studio. We sell in our online retail shop, in our Parisian store and also we connect with other businesses that want to buy wholesale jewelry from us and resell it.

Contact us so that we can talk about your specific needs and craft the best offer that will help your business bloom.

Take a look at our full collection of gold-plated jewelry here and let your true style come to life.

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