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Article: What Does a Choker Symbolize?

YSIA Choker by Agape Studio

What Does a Choker Symbolize?

YSIA Choker by Agape Studio

YSIA Choker

Chokers are in the midst of a fashion comeback at this point, and we love all the styles and outfits that include this striking yet elegant piece of jewelry.

Lately, we could see chokers popping up in street style, at festivals like Coachella, and on the runway and red carpets. The possibilities are endless when pairing this piece with your favorite outfit. But what does a choker symbolize?

What Does a Choker Symbolize

Chokers aren't just meaningful in a fashion sense. They go beyond the sense of style, especially when we date them back in history for thousands of years.

Chokers were worn by the world's earliest civilizations like the Sumerians and Mesopotamians, as well as in Ancient Egypt. According to some historians' notes, Cleopatra was a great lover of chokers.

Back then, chokers were a neutral piece of accessory, and women wore them either to highlight their necks or hide any flaws on them. The neck was considered to be the most vulnerable part of the human body, and women believed these necklaces to be protective.

They also believed that gold chokers were infused with special powers. So a lot of ancient jewelry is protective and amuletic and was technically worn as a charm.

The Revival of The Choker

APOLINE Choker by Agape Studio


In the 70s and especially with the rise of the grunge scene in the 90s, chokers were brought back to fashion life. Edgy chokers were worn by stars like Lenny Kravitz, Britney, Gwen Stefani, Beyoncé, and other pop and rock stars.

In this new age of revival, chokers became super-trendy and a symbol of a rising rebellion in youth culture. When male stars started wearing chokers, this piece of jewelry became neutral and a way to expose yourself to the latest fashion culture.

Back then, the edgy style of chokers portrayed freedom and self-expression in people, both consciously or unconsciously reflected. This is especially meaningful since centuries before, chokers were used as a sign of oppression to those who wore them. Now, they signify the long road women had traveled from violence and oppression to freedom in self-expression and body.

What Does a Choker Symbolize Today?

Chokers today continue to make a bold statement, but they are also living through a fashion revolution where they are made into delicate pieces of jewelry portraying class and elegance.

Here are some of Agapé's most elegant, graceful gold-plated chokers trending this season:

Cassandre Choker

CASSANDRE Choker by Agape Studio


The Cassandre Choker was inspired by the Ancient Egyptian culture. In its twisted-braid effect, it symbolized love and fidelity for those who wore it back then. We also created the Cassandre Mini Choker with the same braid twist in a softer, gentler form for the ultimate minimalist lover.

Peony Choker

PEONY Choker by Agape Studio

PEONY Choker

As per the ancient Sumerian culture, the Peony Choker's design symbolizes chains linked together, representing the unity and harmony between close friends and lovers. They bounded chains together while we interlinked fringes as delicate as Peony's flower petals for a classy look.

Resa Choker

RESA Choker by Agape Studio

RESA Choker

Our Resa Choker was designed by the Etruscan symbol of the dawn. It symbolizes the hope for a better day that comes with each sunrise. It is dainty but also rock-n-roll for that daring chic style.

Horace Choker

Horace Choker by Agape Studio

Horace Choker

The intertwined loops of Horace symbolize the strength of friendship bonds. This symbol was most commonly found in the Ancient Greek civilizations, and we used it in a delicate choker-style design that we recommend to be worn as a statement piece.

Orphée Choker

ORPHEE Choker Necklace by Agape Studio


The Orphée Choker is our most luminous, radiant piece with its carefully carved, gold-plated braids. Its Etruscan elements symbolize creativity in the field of love. It can be worn as a beaming statement piece or matched with other more subtle necklaces for a stacked look.

The 'Choker Element' in Today's Fashion

After being revived in the 70s, the choker today evolved into a sophisticated piece of jewelry that only deserved to be made in 24k gold for its elegance. Here's some more meaning as to what does a choker symbolize in today's fashion.

A Woman's Fashion Intuition for Perfection

A woman's instinct for style is unmatched. Each human is a unique being, and we all have our own mark to leave on this world. Whether we can reach it or not, the desire for perfection is always lurking in a woman's style and class. It is bound to be fulfilled through the latest trends, which right now is the mighty choker as the newest kind of accessory around her neck.

Chokers are very versatile, which is why they are so popular. You can wear it to perfect your street style, a classy nightgown, or for day-to-day activities. Any occasion you attend can be perfected by your timeless choker-inspired look.

Chokers Are Eye-Catchy

ACHILLE Choker by Agape Studio


Chokers successfully catch the attention of people for their unique position and specific look distinguished from a necklace. Every woman wants to be appreciated, and her styling efforts praised. The choker symbolizes precisely this, the way to remain constantly in the eyes of others.

The neck is a more visible area than the cleavage, and no matter what you wear, your choker will always catch attention. In a single glimpse, your choker will put you in the limelight!

Women Want to Show Fearlessness

Women who want to show their fearlessness to the world opt for statement-piece chokers. This can sometimes even be an unconscious way of showing power and strength.

Many things are stored away from consciousness, so sometimes wearing a choker can reveal your deep desires and motivate you to show the world that you are fearless, powerful, and courageous, even without your direct intention.

A Strategic, Fashionable Way to Accentuate the Attractiveness of the Neck

ISIDORE Choker by Agape Studio


Even Ancient Civilizations like Egyptians like Cleopatra believed that a choker accentuates the attractiveness of someone's neck. That is absolutely true. Women can elongate and highlight their long necks by wearing chokers. Even those who do not have long necks can emphasize its length by wearing a suitable choker like our Achille, for instance.

What Does a Choker Symbolize? Final Words

Bold statement piece or a delicate, minimalist-style choker, it can't be denied that this piece of jewelry is THE accessory to have this season. Chokers symbolized many different things throughout the years, primarily high style and class.

Create your impeccable style with your Agapé story and leave a unique mark on the world with your fashion sense and our sustainable 24k gold.

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