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Article: Top 9 Tips on Successfully Selling Jewelry Online

Top 9 Tips on Successfully Selling Jewelry Online
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Top 9 Tips on Successfully Selling Jewelry Online

Model wearing our Piera choker paired with the Fand necklace

How to Buy and Resell Wholesale Jewelry Online with Big Profits?

Doing business with handcrafted wholesale jewelry is becoming increasingly popular among brands as opposed to sourcing jewelry from big-scale manufacturers that don’t offer such attention to detail and quality.

The key to making profit is selling top-notch products. Devoted, smaller-scale jewelry ateliers like Agapé craft superb, gold-plated pieces of jewelry that guarantee exquisite quality and many returning customers.

However, there are more culprits to successfully selling wholesale jewelry online. Let’s go over this comprehensive guide. By the end of it, you will know all the basics of selling jewelry online, growing your business and scaling it faster.

Build Your Brand Upon Trust

Alba bracelet by Agapé

Don’t settle for selling fake products to make fast money. This isn’t long-lasting and you will fail in the long term. Word of mouth recommendations still work on the internet and if you are running scams, people will know it soon enough. It is best to sell high-quality products and avoid counterfeits so that you build your brand upon people’s trust.

Buy wholesale jewelry from reliable suppliers that guarantee top-notch quality products like Agapé. Our 3-micron, 24k gold-plated jewelry is long-lasting and adored by people of all ages and fashion styles.

Promote Properly

wholesale jewelry

Model wearing our Gorgia ring paired with the Zéphir and Thadée rings

Marketing your jewelry properly is crucial in an online business because apart from the picture, people can’t see anything else before purchasing the item. If there is a huge discrepancy between how the products look online and what people actually get at their doorstep, you can expect a lot of returns and refund requests which will result in your loss.

wholesale jewelry

The Gorgia ring by Agapé Studio

Take professional-looking photos of your products as a fashion jewelry seller. Our tip is to publish at least 3 photos per item, because statistics show that shoppers prefer to see the item from a minimum of three different angles before making a purchase.

Hire models if you can because someone actually wearing the piece of jewelry helps shoppers get an idea of what they are paying for before they order.

Be Active and Engaging on Social Media

wholesale jewelry

Model wearing some of our most prominent pieces

Social media is there for your free use, so make sure to use it well. Post consistently, but not 3 times a day. Find a balance of 3 to 4 high-quality, engaging posts per week and will set the tone for your brand and speak to the right audience.

Update your customer reviews regularly and don’t forget posting engaging stories and descriptions. After all, all customers are getting from you are pictures and words, so it’s vital to them to get a good idea of what they are buying. 

The better your social media posts are, the more reasons and reassurance you give your customers to buy from you.

Price Your Jewelry Correctly

wholesale jewelry

Model wearing our Elena earrings paired with Flora earrings

Buying jewelry in bulk or wholesale already gives you a competitive edge over other sellers because you buy at lower prices than retail. This gives you a chance to price your jewelry slightly lower (although pricing high-quality jewelry too low makes it lose its perceived value) than the competition give you an advantage over them in this competitive business.

Follow Trends Closely

wholesale jewelry oxta necklace

Oxta necklace by Agapé 

A retailer’s nightmare is stocking on outdated jewerly. Not being able to sell your old stock will make it hard for you to buy new stock and stay up to date to make any more sales. It is understandable that your job as a wholesale jewelry reseller is to stock up on trendy jewelry, but it’s also up to you to keep up with those trends and know what comes next season to make safe business decisions.

Luckily, at Agapé we sell classic, timeless gold-plated pieces inspired by the ancient times with a modern twist. Such jewelry never goes out of style because gold is everlasting and loved by young and mature audiences. So, even if you stock up on multiple items, you can rest assured that your jewelry will sell well anytime.

Choose Best-Selling Items

wholesale jewelry rings

Model wearing our statement piece Hector matched with Elna and Cȏme rings

Every wholesale jewelry supplier who has multiple types of jewelry will have best-selling items and those that sell less. Preferably you can see a list of the best selling items so you know on what to stock up to increase your sales.

If you can’t find such a list, ask your supplier and hopefully they will be truthful enough to share this valuable information.

When doing business with Agapé, we are straightforward with our practices and what works best and we’ll always be here to answer any questions you may have.

On that note, here are some of our record-selling jewelry items, adored by ladies or all ages and sides of the world:

wholesale jewelry

Model wearing our best-selling Anatole choker paired with Gaya necklace

Agapé's Anatole choker is a delicate choker that is perfect on its own for those who love minimalism. Its design allows Anatole to be paired with any other mid or long necklaces equally delicate or more bold and catchy in design.

Gaya necklace, on the other hand, is adored by lovers of the planet and nature. It is inspired by Gaya, the tree of life, and with its adorned chain, it is eye-catchy and sets a tone for the perfect outfit.

wholesale jewelry

Combined Orphée choker with Rania necklace and Alceste necklace

Orphée is our best-selling choker with its irresistible 24k gold plating.

Its shine shows an impeccable style yet it's mild enough to be paired with other more catchy, adorned ones like the Alceste necklace and longer pendants like the Rania.

wholesale jewelry

Our striking Athénaïs ring combined with Zita and Elvire rings

If you're looking for a catchy, statement piece ring, nothing better than the Athénaïs ring. As a showy piece, it can be worn on its own or combined with the more neutral rings like the Zita and Elvire.

Model wearing Agapé Alba earrings

Hand crafted with a design and shape to prove it, our Alba earrings are inspired by the ancient jewelry designs people wore and made to adorn your style today.

They work well with casual and more elegant outfits, making them one of our best-selling pieces. 

Alba necklace by Agapé

The best thing that will help you increase sales with our jewelry is that every collection has items that go together as a set.

Whether it's a necklace with earrings and ring, or bracelets and rings with the same look, everyone can find their own favorite and buy the entire combination. 

Our Alba necklace can be matched with the Alba bracelet and Alba earrings to create a striking trio adorning any outfit.

For more best-selling pieces click here.

Get Your Creative Groove On

Model wearing Agapé's Athena and Rosa bracelets

Once your wholesale supplier stocks you up on trendy jewelry items, you are accountable to sell it. The regular selling works up to a point but if you want to make the products fly off the shelves, you will have to come up with more creative ways to complete the purchases. 

One solid advice from up would be deals. People love getting a good deal even if they have to pay more to get it. 

Organizing regular buy-one/get-one promotions, markdowns, and other promo deals will give shoppers the perception that they are getting the deal of their lifetime for such exclusive, high-quality pieces. 

Outsmart Supply and Demand

Model combined our Orphée bracelet with Galla and Resa

Buying wholesale means getting lower prices than retail. However, there are nuances in wholesale too. For instance, if you order larger quantities in wholesale you will get even more discount and your price per item will significantly drop.

This means you can have higher profit margins and earn more in the long run. While that is good news, ordering more will mean selling more too. So, if you stock up on a large quantity of a certain jewerly type, you will have to have prepared surefire ways to sell it. Otherwise, you will run a loss.

This is why you always have to balance the supply and demand to the point where it serves you.

Once you are in the wholesale purchasing for a while, you will know exactly how much of the product you can turnover and balance that with how much you order. This takes trial and error, but without risk there is no gain either.

Plan Peak Periods

Model wearing the Ines bracelet as a centerpiece complemented by Cassandre

Taking advantage of peak seasons is the best thing to boost your sales and earn more without significant costs for advertising. Peak seasons like Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother’s Day have the potential of selling more inventory. 

This is something to plan for in advance so that you can stock up more jewelry. Running out of items mid-season while buyers are knowing on your door ready to give you money is the worst kind of loss for your business.

Best Tips For Selling Wholesale Jewelry Online | Final Words

A real summer look with Paros, Amonita and Anatole choker

By partnering up with a reputable wholesale supplier and following these tips closely, turning profits is guaranteed. In no time you will be able to scare your business, make a name for your brand and sell brilliantly. 

Start that process today by looking into Agapé as a wholesale jewelry supplier.

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