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Article: The Most Charming Rings: Christmas Jewelry Gifts

The Most Charming Rings: Christmas Jewelry Gifts

The Most Charming Rings: Christmas Jewelry Gifts

Anatole ring II, Ethel and Arielle

Gold-plated rings are one of the most popular presents gifted around Christmas time, Valentine’s day and numerous other occasions. Alongside necklaces, rings are our most sold pieces of jewelry. 

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Christmas: The Best Rings

With that in mind, at Agapé, we have a plethora of different rings, and with so much choice, we know it can be daunting to choose what to buy for your loved one.

That’s why we created this guide to present you with the best rings this year you can gift for Christmas. Some of them even come with sets of earrings or necklaces or bracelets, so make sure to check our entire collection of gold-plated jewelry here and mix and match, creating the perfect gift.

Check out our necklace collection as a gift here.

Alluring Centerpieces

Ethel ring

Are you looking to buy something dazzling and exquisite? In that case, Paloma and Ethel, part of our latest collections, are eye-catching and can create a remarkable style.

Paloma ring as a centerpiece

If you want a more serious classic, a timeless piece to ornate the fingers as a sole centerpiece, then our Athénaïs is a perfect choice.

Athénaïs looking pretty when stacked with other rings from our collection

From our latest Myna collection, the Arielle is a design we haven’t crafted before and so it’s a unique ring you won’t find in any other collection.

Arielle ring

Check out our chokers as Christmas gifts this year!

Feminine Spirit

Marguerite ring

Rings like Marguerite and the graceful Amassia bring a dash of femininity that every woman reflects.

Amassia ring

The Anaïs is also here to inspire the feminine spirit with its Pink Aventurine stone. We have more precious stone rings and colorful designs, check them out here.

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The Ring Stack Collection

All rings from our stacking collection here

Have you heard about the popular trend of ring stacking? It’s not new, in fact, it’s become very popular since its appearance and is here to stay. To ring stack, you would need several small, dainty pieces that work well with each other and stack on top of each other nicely.

Here you can read our blog on ring stacking.

Elna ring, Diomede ring, Zephir ring

For the perfect ring stack, we have Zita, Zéphir, and Zélie rings. You can find more rings like this in our collection. They stack beautifully but look pretty when worn on their own for a daily dose of shine too.

Christmas Gifts for Her: Getting The Perfect Ring

Buying gold-plated rings isn’t an easy task. With so many rings out there, it can get pretty complex, especially if you care about choosing the perfect gift for the person you love. We hope this ring guide helped you and gave you some idea on what’s out there and what’s popular. 

Discover our collection of rings here, and happy shopping!

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