Meaningful Gift Ideas

Libra zodiac necklace with Selene necklace

A well-crafted piece of jewelry for a loved one can be a gift that keeps on giving daily. For that person, it will be a special reminder of your love with emotional ties to the person from whom it came.

Good jewelry gifts are also pieces that have been passed down through generations. Such heritage jewelry can work like a memory machine; as though we carry our loved ones with us.

How to Pick Meaningful Gifts?

Meaningful gifts are well-thought gifts with a lot of care behind them. The gift needs to have a personal connotation, something that is tied to the person you’re giving it to, to hold a special meaning as a bond between the two of you.

Aléa earrings

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to give meaningful gifts. These suggestions will work all year round. Let’s dive in.

The Syna Trio

Syna bracelet

The graceful design of the Syna Trio in gold plating brings the touch of elegance everyone needs.

Syna necklace

The earrings are more catchy as they only feature the centerpiece pendant in the ideal length so that they can be tastefully matched with the necklace without clashing. However, they are catchy enough to be worn on their own too without the necklace.

Syna earrings

The Roméo Duo

Roméo bracelet

This lovely, petite set of earrings and bracelet shows your love for impeccable style. It’s minimalist and can be worn daily as a reminder of your love for that special person.

Roméo earrings

Gaya Necklace

Gaya Necklace with our Choker

Is the person you’re gifting to a nature lover? Then this Gaya necklace, the representation of Mother Nature, will be the perfect gift for her.

Marguerite Ring

Marguerite Ring

Another special gold-plated ring for the nature lover with a feminine touch. Our Marguerite is a special ring crafted with a high focus on detail and each flower petal shines through.

Paolina Ring

Paolina Ring

Thinking of ‘tieing the knot’ soon? Our Paolina is the perfect hint for it. It also comes with a dainty set of earrings to complete your love gift.

Paolina Earrings

Ethel Ring

Ethel Ring

Another one for the animal lovers out there. Ethel depicts animal footprints in the gold-plated sand.

Kara Set

Kara Earrings

Another set as a representation of your love in a more catchy way. Here are the necklaces that go well with a love-expression gift. 

The Expression of Love

What better way to express love than through an “I love you” necklace?

Here we have Leona, Kara, and Aphrodite as our Love Trio in our necklace collection. Some of them can be paired with earrings or bracelets, so make sure to check out our full gold-plated jewelry collection.

These are THE BEST chokers that go well with these necklaces.

Zodiac Collection

This gorgeous collection needs no introduction. Everyone is closely attached to their zodiac sign and represents its characteristics. There is no more meaningful gift than a necklace with someone’s zodiac sign. You will show her that you know her true personality.

Earrings as a gift? YES, please!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Pearls

Estee necklace

Pearls never fade out of style. They are flawless and go well with most elegant outfits. Like diamonds, pearls are iconic. According to excavations and ancient discoveries, people, even 6000 years ago, crafted jewelry with pearls and wore them in their human settlements across the world.

Estee earrings

At Agapé, we use the precious Nacre Pearls, which are the mother pearls in the depths of the ocean. They are translucent, add shine and catch every eye in a subtle, minimalist way.

The Perfect Meaningful Gift for Her

We hope we inspired you and you know exactly what to get for your loved one this Christmas. Meaningful gifts can be given all year long, so don’t wait to express your love at any time.