Best Loop & Hoop Earrings for Women in 2022

Whenever it comes to exploring stylish yet lightweight jewelry, hoop earrings emerge as the most fabulous choice among women of all ages. They have been used for years in different parts of the world in different ways due to the great variations in culture and tradition.

Hoop earrings, once adorned by ancient emperors and empresses to signify authority and superiority, are presently witnessed as a figure of inseparableness and forte. Hoops have been around for almost as long as civilisation. From ancient Egyptians to American icons, everyone is fond of loop and hoop earrings.

Ancient Greeks, Romans, Asians, and Egyptians all wore hoop earrings. What originated as a means of identifying tribe members evolved into religious and power symbols among communities?

What does hoop mean?

Hoop earrings are still popular among many people around the world, and they are one of the oldest fashion trends still in use.

Hoops are known to lend a sense of influence. They present a perfect amalgamation of power and style. Hoop earrings represent harmony, immensity, and completeness due to their circular design.

Latino ethos has long been linked with hoop earrings. Hoop earrings turned into an indicator of strength, uniqueness, and struggle against predisposition among minorities and settlers in both America and Europe. It is quite common for Latino girls to wear a pair of little hoop earrings from their mothers or grandmothers who once wore them during their younghood.

In today’s fast-changing fashion world, the craze for gold coated earrings is quite high. Not only earrings, but women have been actively searching for gold plated necklaces, gold plated bracelets, and gold plated rings online.

However, if you want nothing but the best earring for women, below are some options by Agape Studio, a leading gold covering jewelry brand combining beauty and style into unique pieces that carry a certain kind of distinctiveness? Their gold plated earrings come with a 2-year warranty, water-resistant finish, non-allergic treatment, and sustainable manufacturing practices. So, let’s find out their top-selling pieces.

  1. Titus Earrings

Titus Earrings

In Greek lingo, the term “Titus” refers to “I give honor”. It is believed that the women who adorn these sumptuous gold coated earrings give respect to the setting with their sustainably castoff gold.

These earrings are done with 24K gold coating in a Parisian workshop in France. Moreover, these pieces are water-resistant and come with a 2-year guarantee. They exhibit zero risk to allergic reactions on the skin.

  1. Mona Earrings

Mona Earrings

Exhibiting a minimalistic yet sophisticated visual appeal, these hoop earrings are the perfect fit for a modern and comfy dress. Be it regular engagements or complementing a special occasion, these timeless pieces

Forget about exposure to water as these earrings are water-resistant. Made in a Parisian workshop, these jewelry elements are bound to lend a stylish look to you. If you are looking to give your wife or girlfriend a perfect birthday, this is something you can’t afford to overlook.

  1. Zephir Earrings

Zephir Earrings

Based on the ancient roman style, these earrings have an inherent capability to improve any look due to their remarkable and irregular design. Designed to complement every occasion, big or small, these earrings give you an upper edge in regard to fashion and style.

Boasting 24K gold plating, these water-resistant earrings come with a 2-year guarantee.  You can rest assured of zero allergic reactions since it is made from non-allergic material. Moreover, it comes in a sophisticated vegan leather pouch with a gift box.

  1. Talia Earrings

Talia Earrings

Talia, being a messenger of the dew, was extremely elusive just like the morning mist that sits on the flower petals at the sunrise. This traversed the concept of these small circles in these earrings that are perfect for today’s modern women. Be it a formal occasion or a casual outing, these earrings are more than perfect for all types of indulgence.

The Conclusion

Looking for the best earring for women. Though you can find a plethora of gold plated earrings online, make sure to visit Agape’s website once and you will be after seeing its wide and remarkable collection.