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Article: Embracing Summer Radiance: Sérénis, The Latest Jewelry Collection by Agapé Studio

best-quality gold-plated jewelry new collection

Embracing Summer Radiance: Sérénis, The Latest Jewelry Collection by Agapé Studio

gold plated rings

As the golden rays of the sun kiss the earth, awakening the vibrant colors, a symphony of nature's finest treasures comes to life. Agapé Studio is more than just a jewelry brand. It's a sanctuary of elegance, beauty, and eco-friendly opulence. And this summer, we're here to enhance your radiance with our best-quality gold-plated jewelry.

The warm embrace of summer heralds a season of renewal, painting the world with a palette of brilliant hues, and inspiring a collection of elegant, high-quality gold-plated jewelry that captures the essence of this enchanting time of year.

The Essence of Sérénis

Crafting each piece with passion, Agapé Studio presents the best-quality gold-plated jewelry collection Sérénis that echoes a timeless aura. We believe in a blend of elegance and environmental responsibility. That's why our Sérénis collection, with a brass base and 3 microns of gold, is not just hypoallergenic but also eco-friendly.

A Cascade of Sunlight: Sérénis Summer Accessories

gold plated necklaces

Necklaces and earrings in our Sérénis collection

The sun, in its majestic arc across the sky, showers the earth with a golden radiance that breathes life into the world below. In homage to this celestial dance, our Sérénis collection of the best-quality gold-plated summer accessories reflects the splendor and warmth of the season.


Adorn yourself with shimmering gold-plated necklaces, gold-plated bracelets, and gold-plated earrings, each masterfully crafted to capture the beauty of a sunlit meadow or the glistening sands of a sun-drenched beach.

Let the golden glow of these pieces elevate your summer style, evoking memories of radiant afternoons and sunsets that set the horizon ablaze.

Sustainability at its Finest

We take pride in our commitment to free green shipping worldwide, extending our eco-conscious practices beyond just our gold. Moreover, each piece of our collection comes with a 2-year warranty, attesting to our confidence in the best quality gold-plated jewelry.

Presenting Sérénis: Our Summer Jewelry Collection

gold plated chokers

Embrace the enchanting radiance of summer with our elegant collection of summer jewelry, a symphony of gold, aventurine, and pearls that captures the essence of this bewitching time of year.

Let the warm embrace of the sun, the vibrant hues of nature, and the allure of the sea inspire your style and elevate your wardrobe, transporting you to a realm of beauty and enchantment that lingers long after the season has faded away.

Gems that Sing the Colors of Summer

gold-plated amelia ring

As the season unfolds, the world becomes a canvas for nature's most vibrant hues. Our collection of the best-quality gold-plated jewelry showcases an array of gemstones that embody the essence of these colors, with each piece a harmonious fusion of elegance and enchantment.

From the deep, lush greens of emeralds and aventurine to the serene whites of nacre pearls, these gems evoke the tranquillity of azure skies and the gentle caress of a summer breeze.

Adorn yourself with these captivating colors, and let their allure transport you to a realm of wonder and delight.

Pearls of the Sea: An Ode to Summer's Ephemeral Beauty

gold plated rings
Our new rings and bracelets matching perfectly

The ocean, with its eternal ebb and flow, has long been a muse for artists and dreamers alike. Our collection of pearl jewelry pays tribute to this source of inspiration, with each piece a testament to the mysterious beauty of the sea.

Celebrate the season with iridescent pearls that shimmer like the sun-kissed waves, their unique and irregular shapes a reminder of nature's boundless creativity.

As you wear these treasures, the best-quality gold-plated jewelry, let them evoke the spirit of summer's ephemeral beauty, a fleeting symphony of sun, sand, and sea.

Our Best-Quality Gold-Plated Jewelry Offerings

Sérénis Necklaces

gold plated necklaces

As the gentle waves grace the shore, the Sérénis necklaces grace your neckline. Each necklace is akin to a golden embrace by the sun, adorned with aventurine or nacre.

Envision the enchantment of a sunlit garden and the beauty of a starlit night; these necklaces captivate the elegance of both. They are versatile, perfect for a summer soiree or a beach rendezvous. Dance to the rhythm of the summer breeze with the Sérénis necklaces.

Constantina Verde necklace

gold plated necklace

In the heart of Sérénis collection blossoms the Constantina Verde necklace. Just as a new bud unfurls to greet the sun, this gold-plated necklace embodies the spirit of new beginnings.


Its round pendant cradles an aventurine stone, symbolizing prosperity and a bright future. Drawing from the strength of Byzantine women, it weaves tales of their resilience into every curve. It isn’t just an adornment; it's a testament to the strength within you, ready to blossom.

Ezra II Necklace

gold-plated necklace

Next, let us introduce you to the Ezra II necklace, a compass guiding your style journey. This gold-plated marvel is like a star on your chest, pointing you towards the endless possibilities of self-expression.

Encircled by golden beads, it offers a tangible reminder that the world is indeed yours for the taking. So, why not chart your fashion course and let the Ezra II necklace lead your way?

Écléa necklace

gold plated pearl necklace

Écléa necklace

Diving deeper into the symphony, we encounter the Écléa necklace. An ode to the natural wonders, this necklace features a harmonious ensemble of iridescent pearls on a gold-plated chain.

Each pearl, like a note in a melody, captures light and dances with its ethereal beauty. Wearing the écléa necklace feels like draping the radiant spirit of nature around your neck.

Sérénis Earrings

Our Sérénis earrings are like droplets of the morning dew on golden petals. Delicately crafted, they dangle like the whispers of the wind, capturing the essence of summer's playfulness.


The combination of gold, aventurine, and nacre in these earrings is a symphony to your ears. Whether you are stepping out for an elegant dinner or going to a lively festival, the Sérénis earrings are your perfect companions.

Célaphine Earrings

best-quality gold-plated earrings

The Célaphine earrings are like the hush of the sea captured in gold and pearl. These irregular circle-shaped earrings, with their natural nacre pearls, dangle off your ears, whispering tales of the ancient Aquazuran people.

Inspired by Selá, their moonlit deity, the Célaphine earrings echo the gentle, pearlescent glow of moonlight on a serene sea. It's a wearable piece of poetry and a tribute to the night goddess herself. 

Laurea Hoop Earrings

best-quality gold-plated earrings

The Laurea hoop earrings draw their charm from the revered laurel leaves of ancient Greece. Tiny gold-plated hoops adorned with leaves, they're a symbol of victory, wisdom, and poetic inspiration.

Each shimmering leaf captures the essence of their profound reverence for the divine and their pursuit of wisdom. So, if you're on a quest for wisdom or inspiration, let the Laurea earrings guide your journey. 

Elisia Earrings

best-quality gold-plated earrings

Elisia earrings are a testament to the harmony of nature and fashion. Round and gold-plated, these earrings hold a small aventurine stone at their core, mirroring the worship of Elisia, the supreme deity of the ancient Zaltearans. 


Crafted in her honor, these earrings are more than an accessory; they're a celebration of nature's divine beauty. 

Elara Earrings

best-quality gold-plated earrings

The Elara earrings are like a verdant landscape framed in gold. Triangle-shaped with rounded edges, these earrings house a large aventurine stone, encapsulating the rich hues of the earth.

Each Elara earring serves as a window to the soul of Sylvanithia, a civilization that revered the lush green earth. Put these on, and you're carrying a piece of ancient history with you.

Gracea Green Earrings

best-quality gold-plated earrings

Last, but certainly not least, are the Gracea Green earrings. Tiny hoops with subtle green cubic zirconia, these earrings bring the enchantment of a moonlit Grecian forest right to your earlobes. 

They capture the ethereal beauty of the Aventurine stones, weaving a symphony of elegance and mystical allure. The Gracea Green earrings are an invitation to lose yourself in a tale of ancient elegance.

Sérénis Rings

Oh, the Sérénis rings! They are not just rings; they are promises - promises of summer adventures, of laughter, and of radiance. Crafted with exquisite detail, these rings are a celebration on your fingers.

The gold-plated bands, encrusted with aventurine and nacre, are symbols of the eternal bond you share with summer's vivacity. Wear them as a statement piece or stack them up for an effervescent look.

Bal II Ring

best-quality gold-plated ring

Imagine carrying the light of an ancient Babylonian god on your finger. The Bal II ring is exactly that - a statement piece that pays homage to Bal, the light-bringer.

With a large aventurine stone held in the embrace of gold-plated majesty, this ring is an embodiment of exotic elegance. A piece of jewelry that doesn't just adorn your hand, but tells a story of delicate beauty.

Amélia Ring

best-quality gold-plated ring

Let your hand shimmer with the Amélia ring - a circle of glinting green cubic zirconia, running all around a gold-plated band. 


Every angle reveals a different sparkle, every beam of light caught in its facets illuminates a different story. If jewelry is a language, the Amélia ring is a joyful song, sung under the glow of radiant lights.

Laurea Ring

best-quality gold-plated ring

The Laurea ring is like wearing a piece of ancient Greece on your finger. Inspired by the golden laurels revered by the ancients, this gold-plated ring is adorned with leaves symbolizing victory, wisdom, and poetic inspiration.

It's a testament to the profound reverence and pursuit of wisdom by the ancient Greeks. With the Laurea ring, you're not just wearing jewelry; you're donning history and mythology. 

Helios Ring

best-quality gold-plated ring

If regality had a form, it would probably look like the Helios ring. Inspired by the craftsmanship of ancient artisans who seemed to turn everything they touched into gold, this ring sports a massive aventurine stone set in gold-plated grandeur.

It gleams with an esoteric glow, casting a spell of opulence and grandeur that is impossible to ignore. Slip on the Helios ring and enter a realm of regal beauty.

Sérénis Bracelets

Sérénis bracelets are like the gentle touch of the summer breeze on your skin. They are the golden sand caressing your wrist. With the fusion of gold, aventurine, and nacre, these bracelets embody the beauty of a summer’s day.


Wear them alone for a subtle look or pair them with other pieces from the Sérénis collection to create a cascade of summer’s radiance on your arm.

Alphé Bracelet

best-quality gold-plated bracelet

A symphony in gold and pearl, the Alphé bracelet is the epitome of delicate elegance. With a gold-plated chain beautifully tracing the curve of your wrist and nacre pearls gracing the top of your arm, it’s a piece that marries simplicity with sophistication.

Each pearl, unique in its shape and sheen, reflects the wondrous individuality of its wearer. The Alphé bracelet doesn't just adorn; it celebrates you.

Écléa Bracelet

best-quality gold-plated bracelet

Experience the echo of ancient civilizations whispering tales of grace and sophistication with the Écléa bracelet. Its dainty gold-plated chain, strung with hanging nacre pearls, beautifully captures the profound reverence the ancients had for simplicity. 

Crafted to complement the Écléa necklace, each pearl, with its distinctive shape, adds a touch of nature’s exquisite fineness to the piece. The Écléa bracelet isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it’s a testament to the timeless beauty of simplicity.

Sérénis Choker

We only created one Sérénis choker as the crescendo in this symphony. This nacre choker is bold, striking, and unapologetically enchanting. Hugging your neck, the pearls capture the essence of summer nights – mysterious and magical. The epitome of elegance, perfect for when you want to make a statement and capture every gaze.

Estée choker

best-quality gold-plated choker

Finally, we arrive at the enchanting Estée choker. This piece weaves a tale of divine protection, each nacre pearl believed to be a tear of a sea goddess safeguarding you from sorrow.

This choker, exclusively crafted with these shimmering pearls, delicately wraps around your neck, bringing the power of ancient lore closer to your heart. Let the Estée choker be your radiant shield, safeguarding your summer stories.

The Symphony of Sérénis

In the luscious orchestra of life, the Sérénis is the best-quality gold-plated jewelry collection from Agapé Studio is the enchanting symphony that celebrates summer's radiance.

Each piece from this high-quality gold-plated jewelry collection is like a stanza in a poetic song, passionately crafted to echo the harmonious rhythm of summer.

You may wonder, "What's the essence of this symphony?" Well, picture this.

best-quality gold-plated jewelry

Imagine a midsummer afternoon, with the sun shimmering, casting a golden hue over a serene sea. You feel the warmth of the sand beneath your feet, the delicate whispers of the summer breeze, and the tranquil rhythm of the waves.

This is Sérénis – a collection that encapsulates the tranquility of the beach and the heat of the sun, the adventure of summer, and the calm that comes with it.

But Sérénis isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s a testament to our philosophy at Agapé Studio. It’s a fusion of nature's finest treasures - gold, aventurine, and nacre, embodying our commitment to using eco-friendly materials without compromising on elegance.

Each piece, as part of this high-quality gold-plated jewelry meticulously crafted with hypoallergenic gold on a brass base, carries within it the spirit of a bygone era, and the allure of the celestial dance between style and beauty.

"What's the best-quality gold-plated jewelry?", you might ask. The answer is our new Sérénis collection. It effortlessly brings out the golden sun's playfulness, the soothing ocean's calmness, and the dancing leaves' vivacity.

A glance at our best-quality gold-plated jewelry might make you feel as if you're holding a piece of the summer sun, a droplet from the ocean, or a leaf from the summer bloom.

This summer, let the symphony of Sérénis wash over you. Bask in the warmth of the sun, feel the rhythm of the waves, and let the melodies of Sérénis fill your days with a sense of poetic enchantment. After all, it's not just about adorning your body in the best-quality gold-plated jewelry; it's about wearing a symphony that sings of summer's radiance.

A Tapestry of Elegance: The Perfect Union of Gold and Gemstones

best-quality gold-plated jewelry

At the heart of our the best-quality gold-plated jewelry summer collection lies a harmonious union of gold and gemstones, their celestial dance weaving a tapestry of elegance and enchantment. Each piece, a masterpiece of craftsmanship, captures the essence of the season and the timeless beauty of the world around us.

Allow the intricate designs and vibrant colors of our collection to elevate your summer wardrobe, infusing your style with the grace and charm of an ageless era.

As you wear these exquisite pieces, let the spirit of summer's warmth and wonder grace your every step, their eternal hymns to the beauty of nature forever intertwined with your own.

Why Gold-plated Jewelry?

Perhaps you've found yourself pondering, "Is gold-plated jewelry good quality?" Or, "What's the best-quality gold-plated jewelry?" Well, let's dive into the golden sea of knowledge to find out!

Now, imagine the golden sunbeams of a hot summer's day – warm, radiant, and captivating. That’s the allure of gold. But pure gold, while incredibly beautiful, can often be heavy on the pockets. That’s where the brilliance of high-quality gold-plated jewelry comes in, just like the radiant pieces of our Sérénis collection.


The best gold-plated jewelry, especially the kind that Agapé Studio creates, offers all the luster and charm of solid gold but at a fraction of the price. It’s the melody to the symphony that is Sérénis – a dash of affordable luxury that doesn’t skimp on quality or aesthetic appeal.

best-quality gold-plated jewelry

Here’s the sparkling secret: our high-quality gold-plated jewelry begins with a robust brass base, which then receives a generous layer of beautiful, hypoallergenic gold - precisely 3 microns. The result? A piece that not only looks like solid gold but feels like it too, while being light on your skin and your wallet.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. At Agapé Studio, we weave sustainability into our best-quality gold-plated jewelry. We ensure that the creation of our dazzling pieces doesn't weigh heavy on our planet. Green shipping worldwide and eco-friendly gold are our ways of saying, "We care."

When you choose our gold-plated jewelry, you're not only choosing the best quality gold-plated jewelry, but you're also selecting a mindful lifestyle, an ode to sustainability.

So, the next time you find yourself pondering, "Is gold-plated jewelry good quality?", remember the sun-soaked Sérénis collection by Agapé Studio.

It’s not just jewelry; it’s a piece of summer's radiant symphony, the epitome of affordability meeting luxury, sustainability intertwined with elegance, and your answer to owning the best-quality gold-plated jewelry. It’s Sérénis. It’s summer. It’s you.

Sérénis FAQ: The Best-Quality Gold-Plated Jewelry

best-quality gold-plated rings

What materials are used in the Sérénis collection?

Our Sérénis collection features jewelry made from a brass base, plated with 3 microns of gold, aventurine, and nacre.

Does Agapé Studio offer worldwide shipping?

Yes, we proudly offer green shipping worldwide.

What is the warranty on the Sérénis collection?

Every piece from the Sérénis collection comes with a 2-year warranty.

Why choose gold-plated jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry offers the same luster as pure gold, is more affordable, durable, hypoallergenic, and suitable for all skin types.

Where can I buy the Sérénis collection?

You can browse and purchase from the Sérénis collection on our website.

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