Autumn Fashion Ideas: 8 Tips on How to Style Your Jewelry - Part 2

We’ve already covered the 11 tips on how to style your jewelry this autumn, and now we are continuing with part 2 of the series. 

There is a plethora of ways to combine clothes with jewelry so that your Agapé pieces come to life as the centerpiece. Here are our following top 8 ideas that will make your 24k shine.

Don’t Be Afraid to Create Layers

Layers aren’t just for clothes in winter. You can easily create layers with rings, necklaces, and bracelets and create a fun style unique to you. Experiment with contrasting lengths, shapes,  and textures. You can’t layer similar things together because they won’t come in focus. 

For necklaces, choose a shorter one like the Pierra choker and then go for a longer necklace like the Fand necklace. This length game will draw the eye up to your face and create a style like in our photo below.

agape necklace  

Pierra choker and Fand necklace

When it comes to bracelets, they are the perfect piece to combine and layer for added glitz. Subtle but catchy, you can layer 2 or 3 of the same bracelets or switch between different types. In the photo below, we have layered Claria with the Côme bracelet for a unique look. 

 agape bracelets

Claria and Côme bracelet

If you want a softer look, we got that covered too. Bracelets like our Gaya ooze with dainty glam and can be worn on their own for the ultimate minimalist look or combined with a similar one like the Alceste bracelet. Take a look at how delicate this combination of both looks.

agape bracelets

Gaya bracelet with the Alceste bracelet

Rings are the perfect jewelry piece to be stacked and combined. You practically can’t go wrong when mixing multiple rings because each combination will bring a new sparkle. Take a look at a gorgeous combination below: 

agape rings

Doris ring, poetically stacked with Zena and Aristide rings

This is a combination of color between the lapis-lazuli stone and the 24k gold. We love how our model separated the two stones with two other more minimalist rings that, in return, emphasize the larger ones on each side. 

Below, let’s take a look at another more captivating combination in gold. 

agape rings in 24k gold

Hector ring combined with Côme and Elna on the sides

The Hector ring in the middle is the statement piece with its large golden circles. Intertwined by the Côme and Elna on the sides, Hector shines even more.

Speaking of statement pieces, in our photo below, you can see how the Anatole ring perfectly emphasizes the richness of the Anaïs ring, the true focal point of your outfit. 

anais ring 24k agape studio jewelry

Anatole ring and Anaïs ring

You can’t have the Anaïs ring by itself but you also can’t combine it with something as large creating two statement pieces that will contradict each other. The combination with Anatole creates the perfect balance. 

The earrings are a story on their own. You can mix and match different earrings but be careful, they can’t be as easily stacked as rings. For instance, if you’re wearing the Cordia earrings like in the photo below, we recommend not putting on any other pair.

Cordia earrings

Cordia Earrings

On the other hand, if you are wearing some more dainty earrings like the Zita, you can combine them easily like in the photo below. 

zita earrings agape studio

Zita Earrings

This combination emphasizes the Zita earrings without taking away too much of the spotlight.

Know When It’s Enough

Knowing when to stop layering and combining is also part of the magic. While stacking jewelry creates a unique style, going overboard can do more damage than good. 

For instance, if you have already combined a choker and 1 or 2 other necklaces, there is no need to stack 4 more bracelets and 3 rings, and 2 different pairs of earrings. 

Layering one type of jewelry is enough while the rest of the pieces can be in singles.

Change your Earrings

earrings 24k gold agape studio

Hercule Earrings

Many make the same mistake with pierced ears. It can be easy to forget about the earrings and just wear the same pair for weeks. Earrings add interest and style to your look day to day. Change them often and don’t forget to clean them regularly. 

Neckline&Necklace Match

Your necklace should always match your necklace. That way it enhances your outfit.

If you are wearing a low V-necked outfit, then a pendant sitting in the V above your cleavage will work wonders. 

v neckline necklaces 24k gold agape studio

Amonita necklace with Ezra and Anatole Choker

As you can see in the photo above, a low neckline just begs for longer necklaces. If you opt for a more minimalist style, then you can only wear the Ezra necklace which is the longest of all here.

Choose Your Focus

minimalist style necklace 24k gold agape studio

Isidore Choker for a minimalist look

Before you start combining anything, decide what the focus of your overall outfit will be. If you don’t feel like dressing up too much and you go for a simpler outfit, then your look can be transformed into something special with the right jewelry and accessories.

On the other hand, if you are wearing a bold combination of clothes, then we advise that you go for something smaller, and more subtle to give focus to your outfit.

Make Room for Sentimental Jewelry

rings agape studio

Diomède II Ring

We all have sentimental jewelry that we wear all the time. Leaving it behind feels like leaving part of ourselves, however, how well does it fit your outfit every day? 

If sometimes it distracts from other pieces of jewelry that could potentially work better with the outfit you’re wearing, then it’s time for a little change. 

Either try to layer it with other similar pieces or occasionally leave it at home and make room for new jewelry and fresh ideas. 

You Do You

One of the most important rules on this list is that your taste comes first and there are no rules. Ignore the rules or break them as you see fit. The best thing you can do is to make yourself feel comfortable in your own skin despite the outfit or the jewelry combinations you’re wearing.

BONUS TIP: Look After Your Jewelry

anna ring 24k gold agape studio

Anna Ring

People fall in love with a single piece of jewelry and they wear it so much that they forget that 24k needs some love too. That love is cleaning it thoroughly and taking care of it in the best way possible. In our blog section, we already wrote about how to properly clean your jewelry to maintain its shine for as long as possible.

Namely, by constantly wearing your favorite ring, showering, exercising with it, sleeping and swimming with it, you might notice it looking grimy, dull and far from its sparkling best.

Just like you’re regularly washing your clothes, jewelry is just as 'up close and personal' as that, so it needs to be regularly cleaned too.

Agapé uses lead-free, nickel-free, hypoallergenic brass as a metal base for our gold-plated jewelry. We also galvanize our elements prior to plating to protect them from rusting. 

However, even though we devote utmost attention and care to the production of each piece, you still need to protect your gold-plated jewelry from the following potentially harmful chemicals and compounds:

  • Makeup - Apply makeup first and let it dry before putting on your gold-plated jewelry
  • Chlorine - Don’t wear your gold-plated pieces in the pool. The chlorine from the water will start degrading the plating causing it to tarnish and flake over time
  • Saltwater - Leave your gold-plated jewelry to rest at home when going to the beach. The sun, the chemicals, the sand, and salty water are all potentially harmful to the gold plating
  • SPFs and body lotions - Wash away any SPF residue before putting on your gold-plated jewelry. Also, wait for your body lotion to soak up into your skin before putting your jewelry on.

Now that you know the best ways to style your jewelry and how to properly maintain it after each wear, we’re sure you can’t wait to update your accessory collection. Take a look at our latest collection here.