Autumn Fashion Ideas: 11 Tips on How to Style Your Jewelry - Part 1


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Alceste necklace paired with Rania necklace and Orphee choker

It’s Autumn already, can you believe it? As you’re preparing your warmer wardrobes and storing the summer clothes, this reminds you to think about your jewelry game too. 

Jewelry style changes throughout the seasons, and as cold months come, your preferences change too. Before we dive into the 15 practical tips on fashionably styling your jewelry in autumn, let’s do a simple experiment.

The Jewelry Experiment

necklace collection gold plated Agape Studio

Grace, Rania, Isis, Luna, Isaac

When styling your jewelry and creating different combinations, your outfit should not get in the way. So, for this, you will need to slip into something very basic, 1 to 2 colors combined on your outfit the most, and then start trying out various pieces of jewelry from your collection.

Don’t hold back on this one. Try different combinations that you might not normally put on, and add different accessories like scarves, shoes, bags, and watches. This way, you will see which of your rings go together, what bracelet matches your watch, and which necklaces go along with your favorite scarves.

Keep checking different focus points and types of events or activities where you would wear your jewelry combinations. Take different pictures as a reminder of what works and what doesn’t. These pictures will be a quick style pick for when you’re on the run and can’t waste time combining clothes and jewelry. 

Autumn Styling: The Basics

gold plated bracelets Agape Studio

Orphee and Galla bracelet

Now let’s start with some basics of styling jewelry in the fall season. 


Layering jewelry over clothing will always work well in colder months because warmer colors and warmer clothes require more extravagance as opposed to summer minimalism.

Statement Necklaces

When wearing higher necklines like turtleneck blouses (or dolcevita), you need a necklace like the Alopé necklace or the Medea one that will stand out and be more noticeable against all the fabric.

gold plated necklace Agape Studio

Alopé necklace

We also love the Séléné necklace that goes well with cream color combinations, off-whites, or whites.

Sweater Stacks: Rings

When you wear big, fluffy sweaters, necklaces and bracelets might not come into focus that much, so that’s when you should prioritize rings and earrings.

Mixing and matching different rings and stacking multiple rings on your fingers will add lots of sparkle and some color to separate from the fabrics.

gold plated rings Agape Studio

Astrid ring paired with other rings from our collection

Here you can stack rings like the Astrid piece as your statement ring or something more dainty like the Elna ring that can take on a few more rings next to it. 

Sweater Stacks: Earrings

Hoop earrings or dangle earrings are a great distraction from your bulky sweaters, coats and jackets. Neatly stacked earrings like this Ariane earrings combination with the Cyra ear cuff in the picture below are elegant but catchy, and it’s all you need for the colder months.

gold plated earrings Agape Studio

Ariane earrings with the Cyra ear cuff

Another more minimalistic combination is this Luna - Romeo match that everyone loves so much. See picture below. 

gold plated earrings Agape Studio

Luna - Romeo combination

Mix Metals

In all fashion magazines it was once considered a fashion sin to mix different colors of metal like wearing a silver ring next to a golden ring and a rose gold necklace. 

Mixing these metals and colors will add a vibrant look to your outfit and a dash of color in the dull, cold months. 

Work in Harmony With Your Clothing

Accessorize to complement your outfit. Sometimes we dress first and pick jewelry later. How about you try the other way round?

Before dressing, think about the necklace or earrings you’d love to wear and then pick an outfit around them.

oxta necklace gold Agape Studio

Oxta necklace with Orphee choker

For instance, if you want to wear a longer necklace with a statement-piece pendant, like the Oxta necklace in the photo above, then you want your top to reveal your neckline so that the necklace stack comes through.

Cordia earrings - Agape Studio

Cordia earrings

Or, if you want to wear big earrings as your statement piece like the Cordia or Aléa earrings, then you will need to style your hair accordingly and maybe wear something that reveals your shoulders so that the earrings shine through.

Pick the Focal Point

Alea earrings Agape Studio gold plated

Aléa earrings

Choose what the focal point of your jewelry will be. Where do you want the people’s gaze to be set when going on a special event? 

If you are wearing a special piece of jewelry you want people to notice, you should work with the rest of the jewelry and clothing to divert the eye to your focal piece. 

Let’s say you’re wearing a stylish necklace that’s eye-catching and you want all the focus to be on it. In that case, your rings, bracelet, and earrings should be more subtle or you could even leave them out altogether. 

This way, you are making sure that your other accessories and clothing don't detract from your focal piece.

Less is More (Sometimes)

Zephir earrings agape studio gold plated

Zephir earrings

Just like we talked about picking a focal point, it’s also worth noting that you don’t always need all jewelry on you. 

Sometimes it’s good not to wear a necklace because you’re already wearing stunning earrings.

While a dainty piece like the Syna bracelet always goes well with everything, with necklaces things are different. If you have a very low cut or high necked outfit, leaving your necklace behind will often work really well.

Don’t Be a Slave to Trends

Syna bracelet gold plated Agape Studio

Syna bracelet

Following fashion to a T can be easy but sometimes it takes away from your own style and preferences. Trends come and go and they do influence our tastes periodically but instead of blindly following them, use them to your advantage to add something new to your existing taste and personality instead of losing yourself completely in fashion trends. 

Changing your taste preferences completely as fashion trends come and go can also be very expensive and ultimately leave you without your own sense of style.

The most important thing is not to forget your personality. Each person has a different one and we all should be allowed to shine through in terms of the jewellery we choose and how we present ourselves in general.

Lastly, Update Your Collection Regularly

bracelet gold plated agape studio

Oana bracelet and Théodora earrings

Isn’t it fantastic to have an excuse to treat yourself to some sparkly things? Shop here, thank us later;)