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Article: How To Clean Gold-Plated Jewelry?

How To Clean Gold-Plated Jewelry?

How To Clean Gold-Plated Jewelry?

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If you came here wondering how to clean gold-plated jewelry, you’re in the right spot. And give yourself a pat on the back for taking good care of your jewelry. This way, you will get to keep your favorite pieces shinning for a long, long time.

Cleaning Gold-plated Jewelry To Make it Last

Gold-plated jewelry, like any other jewelry, should be regularly cleaned and stored properly to prolong its life. Before we go over the gold-plated jewelry cleaning tips, let’s understand the basics of gold plating.

What is gold-plated jewelry?

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Gold-plated jewelry is jewelry designed in brass and covered in real gold. Let’s talk about what does gold-plated means in jewelry. At Agapé, we use a 3-micron gold layer that stops the corrosion and oxidation of the metal underneath.

Brass is non-allergenic but can react to water and daily wear and tear. So, the gold layer in the plating process prevents the brass from oxidation while keeping the costs low and affordable for anyone who wants to shine.

Sometimes people ask us does gold-plated jewelry turn green, and the answer is no, given it is properly plated with a thick gold layer. Gold is the least reactive of all metals and won’t suffer from moisture and high temperatures. It does not melt or flake with use as long as you properly maintain it after wearing it.

Let’s talk a bit about the Agapé process of creating gold-plated jewelry. This way, you will know why we offer a 2-year warranty on our pieces and how our jewelry is so long-lived and loved.

How to gold-plate jewelry the right way? 

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Our process is very complex which is how we ensure quality for all our jewelry. 

  • After we’ve 3D modeled our ideas, we turn them into a hypoallergenic brass base.
  • Then, the allergy-free brass surface is prepared by cleaning any dirt, rust, or oil.
  • We polish the surface with ultrasonic bathing and solvents so that it takes on the golden layers.
  • An alkaline tube is required to give brass its consistency and longevity.
  • We apply a 3-micron gold layer, a thick layer of gold that adapts to every surface and ensures our elements' longevity. Temperature and voltage are carefully controlled for the gold to catch on the base metal.
  • After each piece has been gold-plated, we rinse and dry it and give the gold time to adapt to each part of the jewelry.

As you can see, gold-plating requires experience, precision, patience, and above all, love. This thorough process ensures very high-quality jewelry you can wear for years. 

How long does gold-plated jewelry last?

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How long gold-plated jewelry lasts will depend on the gold layer and your maintenance of it. If you’re wondering does gold-plated jewelry tarnish, the answer is yes, it can tarnish if you aren’t taking proper care of it.

At Agapé, we are always concerned with how to maintain gold-plated jewelry. This is why we always ensure that our 3-micron gold layer is solid enough to withstand the loss of color and shine over time. However, your gold-plated jewelry can tarnish if you regularly expose it to harsh environmental conditions. 

When does gold-plated jewelry turn green?

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Gold-plated jewelry can turn green or tarnish when regularly exposed to the following chemicals without cleaning thoroughly after:

  • Body lotions
  • Parfumes and perfumed creams
  • Other body products with denatured alcohol. This not only wears the gold-plated jewelry but also dries your skin.
  • Makeup
  • Detergents

We will talk about each of these and more later in this article.

How to restore gold-plated jewelry at home?

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How to clean gold-plated jewelry with baking soda? Nothing easier! 

You can restore gold-plated jewelry at home by yourself with this simple soda recipe. This method is gentle and not abrasive on the gold and all other metals used for your jewelry.

If you didn’t know how to clean tarnished gold-plated jewelry, rest assured that this will give your gold-plated pieces a deep clean, restore shine and brilliance, and completely remove any tarnish on the surface.

The Aluminum-soda recipe
  • Take a glass bowl and line it with aluminum foil. The shiny side of the foil should be on top in contact with the jewelry. 
  • Add one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of baking soda to the bowl. 
  • The amount of water should be enough to dissolve both powders and fully submerge your gold-plated jewelry.
  • Place all pieces in this solution and leave them for 5 minutes at a time. If your jewelry is severely tarnished, you can leave it inside for up to 15 minutes or until black and yellow flakes start floating on the surface. 
  • These flakes are the sulfur that caused the oxidation of the gold layer, and they will be attracted to the foil, floating away from the jewelry.
  • Once most of the tarnish has been removed, rub all pieces clean with a soft toothbrush.
  • After the gentle scrubbing, wash each piece with lukewarm water and use a soft, lint-free cloth to pat dry.

How to care for gold-plated jewelry?

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You can easily take care of gold-plated jewelry by regularly cleaning it after every few uses. Here is some advice on how to care for gold-plated jewelry.

Store your jewelry someplace safe

When not wearing your gold-plated jewelry, keep it in a jewelry box or chest of drawers specifically designed for jewelry. This will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating.

At Agapé, with each order, we pack your gold-plated jewelry in an eco-leather pouch soft enough to keep it safe. Always keep your accessories away from sunlight and dust in this pouch. The elements can cause the gold to fade and ruin its shine.

Keep away from chemicals

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Try to keep your gold-plated jewelry away from makeup, perfume or cologne, sunscreen, moisturizers, soap, detergent, chlorine bleach, pools, and hot tubs containing chlorine, vinegar, and acidic fruit.

When applying care products, add your jewelry last. Body and hand lotions, perfume, makeup, and hairspray should all be used before putting your gold-plated rings because these chemicals can react with the gilded layer and cause it to break down faster.

Even if you are using gentle products, if the blends are not pH neutral, your gold-plated rings will wear off if not cleaned properly after.

Can you get gold-plated jewelry wet?

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Although the gold layer prevents oxidation, we recommend that you don’t wear your gold-plated chains to the beach or pool. This even goes for all-gold jewelry because salt water and the chemicals in the pool water will tarnish the metals.

Want to know if you can shower with gold-plated jewelry? We would say don’t shower with any jewelry on. The soaps, shampoo, and hard water that gets in contact with the metals can wear the shine off, leaving you will dull pieces sooner than expected.      

How to care for gold-plated jewelry?

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If your gold-plated jewelry comes in contact with sweat or any of the chemicals mentioned above, you should clean it immediately.

If you have the habit of wearing your gold-plated jewelry often, then you should clean it with mild soap and warm water once a week. This will be a quick rinse, after which you dry and polish them with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not rub the rings as you clean them but gently wipe them.

With that said, all your jewelry, even if worn just a few times a month, needs a deep monthly clean to dissolve any surface oils built up over time. During this time, you can leave your jewelry in the solution of mild soap and warm water longer than usual and use a toothbrush to cleanse hard-to-reach places.

How to make your gold-plated jewelry last?

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To make your gold-plated jewelry last, limit the friction of different gold-plated pieces. At Agapé, we love stacking. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, everything can be combined for a unique look that you’ll love. However, if you overdo it and your gold-plated pieces rub off of each other too much, you might notice the wear and tear on them sooner than expected.

Another unnecessary source of friction can be when wearing your jewelry in the gym. There you won’t only damage it by sweat but also by the movement and all the activities.

Not all gold-plated jewelry is made the same

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When wondering “how to clean gold-plated jewelry?” it’s not always about what you can do but also about the type of gold-plated jewelry you’re buying and if it’s made to last.

Before you invest in this beautiful commodity, you should check the material below the gold and the thickness of the gold.

At Agapé, we use brass as a base, and all our jewelry is nickel-free, lead-free, and non-allergenic. When we coat it with gold, we use 3 microns which is a lot more than the standard 0.5 microns used in the industry. With such thickness, our jewelry can withstand the tear of time.

We also stand by our sustainability pledge. Our gold isn’t only thicker and shinier, but it’s recycled too. This means it does not take away from Mother Nature while giving you all the luxury and shine.

How To Clean Gold-Plated Jewelry | Final Words

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We hope we answered all your questions on how to take proper care of gold-plated jewelry and make it last for a very long time. Following all these tips and using our aluminum-soda recipe occasionally will ensure that your Agapé pieces shine for many years to come. Looking to buy gold-plated jewelry? Check out our ancient-inspired pieces here and class up your style with our unique creations.

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