How Much Does a Gold Choker Cost?

ACHILLE Choker by Agape Studio


Gold has that glamor appeal that no other metal or jewelry type can replace. Its allure has been dignified for centuries where people of all walks of life showed their status and class by wearing it. If you are looking for a gold choker made entirely of solid gold, you may be wondering, ‘How much does a gold choker cost?’

Don’t be surprised if you see that gold chokers cost thousands $$$. Why so much? Chokers are a heavier piece of jewelry, to begin with. They contain more gold than any necklace or pendant, hence the hefty price.

If you are on a budget but genuinely want to invest in a gold choker that will elevate your look and give you that classy yet chic appeal, why not look into gold-plated chokers?

Chokers what…?

You read that right. Gold-plated chokers have the same golden shine because gold is used for their production yet come at a fraction of the price of solid gold chokers. Not too bad, huh?


What Is Gold-Plated Choker?

Gold-plated chokers and jewelry, in general, are a type of jewelry that is made of a base metal (not gold) and then covered with a golden layer on top to give that irresistible shine. This is why it is trendy among everyone who wants to dazzle in gold while having stacked chokers, necklaces, and other accessories simply because they can afford it.

A gold-plated choker’s worth and durability depend on who makes them and how they are made.

At Agapé, we are known for creating gold jewelry that looks expensive but isn’t costly through a process known as gold plating. However, thanks to our creation process, we don’t only offer fancy looks but actual quality jewelry you can wear for years.

The term gold-plated choker means that we 3D designed an ancient-inspired collar that we then forged from brass and then metal-coated in gold.

We want you to enjoy wearing our chokers, so at Agapé, we like to give you the best value for your money. This is why we gold-plate our jewelry in a 3-micron gold layer that is a lot thicker than what others use - 0.5 to 0.175 microns per one inch in thickness.

The most common layer thickness levels you will find on the market are:

  • 175 microns – Gold-electroplated, flashed, or gold wash jewelry
  • 5 micron – Gold-plated jewelry
  • 5 microns – Heavy gold plated jewelry
  • 3 microns of gold - Agapé jewelry

Thanks to our rich layer of gold, you can enjoy our chokers for a lot longer than others if you take good care of them. Later on, we will discuss the proper care of your gold-plated chokers.


What Is a Gold-Plated Choker Worth When Buying?

As we previously said, gold-plated chokers look like the real deal, but they cost a lot less. This is their beauty. They offer a lot of variety, even more than solid gold jewelry, but do not weigh heavy on your budget.

Here are some of our best-seller gold-plated chokers alongside their price.

Horace Choker - 68 euro

Horace Choker - 68 euro

Horace choker is inspired directly by the Ancient Greek civilization. The design portrays intertwined loops embodying strength and friendship bonds. Thanks to its bulky appearance, it can be worn solo or paired with necklaces for the perfect golden stack.

Orphée Choker - 54 euro

Orphée Choker - 54 euro

Gold goes unapologetically well with both empowering designs and gentler necklaces. Orphée is the perfect choker to stack in any combination.

Achille Choker - 66 euro

Achille Choker - 66 euro

The Achille choker is the perfect delicate combination that makes you feel elegant and luminous in your own skin. It’s made to last and can be worn in any situation.

Anatole Choker - 48 euro

Anatole Choker - 48 euro

The Anatole choker is a light and airy choker. Statement piece or a stack combination, the choice is yours, but it will undoubtedly look impeccably, adding depth to your look.

Isidore Choker - 48 euro

Isidore Choker - 48 euro

The Isidore choker is a subtle exotic design with many details that add complexity to any combination. We recommend wearing it in a matte combination with a necklace and pendant of your choice.

How Much Does a Gold Choker Cost and How to Choose?

The chokers we’ve shown above are just some of our assortment. We used the best gold-plating with 24K gold. As solid gold, the 24K isn’t practical because of its softness. However, it is perfect for coating or plating a more robust material.

At this point, it is worth noting that you cannot melt the gold away from the metal base to extract some money from it. If you want to achieve this, it will be unprofitable and not worth an effort.


Does the Base Metal Affect the Value?

There are different types of base metals used for gold-plated jewelry:

  • Brass - A mixture of copper and zinc that gives gold its strength and has the added benefit of being 100% hypoallergenic, making it safe for those with sensitive skin.
  • Nickel - White metal that can cause allergic reactions.
  • Stainless Steel - suitable for more modern, industrial-look jewelry.

It truly matters which base is used for your gold-plated chokers. At Agapé, we use a brass base with a guarantee of being nickel and lead-free, thus non-allergenic.

Is It OK to Wear Gold-Plated Chokers?

Wearing gold-plated jewelry, chokers, in particular, is absolutely worth it. There is nothing wrong with gold-plated chokers if you know precisely how your chokers are made and how thick the gold layer is.

As long as you know what you are paying for, a variety of gold-plated chokers can be a fantastic addition to your impeccable style.

How Long Do Gold-Plated Chokers Last?

Gold plated jewelry, in general, lasts for years, given that it’s made in a high-quality manner. The time your gold-plated chokers will last depends on:

  • Gold-plating thickness
  • Gold quality
  • Base material
  • How often do you use it
  • Cleaning and maintenance after use

What Is a Gold-plated Choker Worth: Final Words

A gold-plated choker is definitely worth the investment. This jewelry is the perfect alternative when you want to enjoy gold in all its glory but can’t afford solid gold.

If you are aware of its fragility and the fact that you need to take good care of it after each use, you can wear your gold-plated chokers for years without noticing any damage or color change.

We hope we could help answer the question ‘How much does a gold choker cost?’ If you want to buy gold-plated jewelry, look at our collections and get to know our story. Everything we do is out of love, and we want you to love your new Agapé pieces.