How Many Grams Is a Gold Choker?

ACHILLE Choker by Agape Studio

ACHILLE Choker by Agape Studio

Chokers are getting increasingly popular these days. They can be worn as a statement piece or stacked with other more delicate necklaces for the ultimate combination. But are chokers bulky? How many grams is a gold choker, anyway? Here we will talk about the grams of the chokers and the grams of gold that go in a choker usually.

How Many Grams Is a Gold Choker

Each choker has precise grams of gold used for its creation. Usually, solid gold chokers are made of a specific karat of gold which commonly is 14k. However, there are multiple variations of gold chains that use higher and lower karats that determine the color, purity, and density of a gold choker.

With that said, what is the amount of gold content in a gold chain? Here is your complete guide to the gold content in gold chokers.


What Is Gold Purity?

24 karats gold is the purest form of gold. That is 100% pure, but as such, it is rarely used in solid-gold jewelry because it is too fragile and bends readily.

If you want to get 24k jewelry, you should look into gold-plated chokers instead. This is because gold-plated chokers use a base metal; at Agapé, we use hypoallergenic brass, which gives gold the solidity and firmness it lacks.

On the other hand, solid gold chokers use gold mixed with other metals, including zinc, copper, silver, and other alloys. The mixture that is created through these combined metals makes gold more rigid and more appropriate for solid-gold jewelry creation.

RESA Choker by Agape Studio

RESA Choker

Karats or kt in gold is a purity measurement that is accepted worldwide. It ranges from 0 to 24.

For instance, if a gold piece of jewelry has 1 karat, it means it was made up of one part gold and 23 parts of other metals or alloys. If in case you are looking into solid gold jewelry that has its purity expressed in percentages instead of karats, then you can do the following conversion:

  • Divide the karat number by 24
  • Multiply the result by 100
  • Then you get the percentage instead of karats

How To Determine The Gold Karat Values?

Now that you know how many grams is a gold choker, you can determine the gold karat value in the following manner.

Since the purity of gold is measured by the karat value of a piece of jewelry, if you have a 12k gold choker, it means the rest of the 24k or the other 12 parts are alloys. This brings your gold choker to a purity of 50 percent.

  • 24K gold signifies 24 karats of gold. With 24/24 parts of gold, your choker is 100% pure gold
  • An 18K gold choker is 18/24 parts of gold which when calculated means 75% pure gold
  • If your gold choker states 14K gold, that is 14/24 parts of gold. This brings the total measurement to 58.33% pure gold
  • As we previously calculated, a 12k gold choker is 12/24 parts for gold or 50% purity, and the rest, alloys
  • A 10k gold piece of jewelry is 10/24 parts of gold. This brings the value of pure gold to 41%


What Gold is Used in Gold-Plated Chokers?

Solid gold as such is too bendable to be used alone. However, in our gold-plated pieces, it can be since we use a base metal to give it firmness. So, gold-plated pieces can receive 24k treatment and be as durable.

How To Determine Gold Content In Jewelry?

HORACE Choker by Agape Studio


Gold is expensive and highly regarded. As such, people make a lot of investments in it, spending hefty amounts of money. Some merchandisers try to take advantage of this either by overpricing their gold-plated products or selling subquality gold.

You should always purchase solid gold or gold-plated jewelry from a trusted source to avoid getting scammed.

If you have gold chokers or other jewelry that you want to test for its gold, we have some practical methods on how to see if your gold is genuine. Knowing how to perform these tests will save you a lot of time and money in the future.


The Magnifying Glass Test

Fake gold or gold-colored jewelry will quickly show signs of fading and scratches. To test this, you will need a magnifying glass. Carefully examine your choker for the following signs:

  • Discoloration – Gold does not react with oxygen, so it shouldn’t tarnish. Please note that if your gold chain turns black, it might still be gold, but it reacts to some chemicals in your products like perfume or body lotion. In this case, it is best to take your jewelry to a professional for deep cleaning. Otherwise, the gold isn’t affected by environmental conditions. If your gold has any discoloration marks, it is either gold-plated or false gold.
  • Strange Change in Color – If your solid gold choker changes its color to an unusually lustrous, yellow, or reddish tone, then it’s not pure gold.


The Acid Test

If you knowingly have gold-plated jewelry, don’t do this test because you might damage the plating, even though it’s real gold.

On the other hand, solid gold jewelry can be tested with nitric acid. Make a small mark on your gold choker and apply a small amount of the acid. Its qualities shouldn’t be affected by this test.

If you have fake gold, then the area will turn green in a few seconds, while solid gold will not alter the color.

The Magnet Test

HORACE Choker by Agape Studio


Solid gold will not be attracted by a magnet, while imitation gold and other alloys will be attracted to it because of the metals they contain.

How Many Grams is a Gold Choker? Final Words

The purity of gold in solid gold chokers or gold-plated chokers can be determined in various ways. There are, otherwise, no specific grams of gold present in jewelry, but simply the purity is what matters. We understand it can be daunting to shop for gold-plated or solid gold jewelry because of the array of online options, but always buy from trusted suppliers with real followers and reviews on their social media accounts. This way, you will avoid making the mistake of investing in fake or low-quality gold chains. Take a look at our collection of chokers or the entire line of our assortment. We work with pure, sustainable gold and offer a 2-year guarantee that allows you to buy with ease of mind.