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Article: Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Needs In Her Collection

Jewelry Essentials Every Woman

Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Needs In Her Collection

A woman is a symbol of beauty globally and beauty needs a lot of compliments and enhancements to make it more and more beautiful each day. Jewelry has been a woman’s best friend for centuries and it's going to remain the one forever. Buying beautiful jewelry is the most pleasant experience for every woman.

There have been traces in historical civilizations where the woman has worn jewelry for almost every part of her body to look more and more alluring. The charm and the shine of the gold and silver have proven to add that tinge to the looks of the females.

Thinking of what is jewelry essential every woman needs in her collection we have come across these few options you should think of adding to your vanity. Here you go beauty!

Gold Covering Earrings

Kara Earrings by Agape Studio

Kara Earrings

The earrings are essential in every woman’s jewelry collection. Go for those small and elegant studs that can be worn on any dress and occasion. Weaning the gold covering earrings will always be a good choice. The earrings are often the type of jewelry chosen per the face type and the neck length but studs are the best ones because they suit every kind of face and are suitable for every neck length.

Finger Rings

CALYPSO II RING by Agape Studio


The most popular type of finger ring is the crystal finger ring or the gemstone finger ring. These rings often come in various tons of gold silver and rose gold but the best impression to look classy can be made by choosing the gold plated finger rings. These finger rings are often made in various sizes owing on the occasion. The cocktail rings are famous for the bigger size while the bands are the subtle ones to be worn on the go.

Decor the slender beautiful fingers with all the types of finger rings meant for various occasions. Highlight those finely buffed nails by wearing the best rings. You can also form your very own style by wearing the 2-3 rings on a single finger. Confused about whether to try or not? Trust us! You can just wear those triplets together and form a pallet going just fine with your dress

Ancient Greek Jewelry



Although the designs are age-old and inspired by ancient Greek jewelry it's trending ladies! Cultural jewelry lovers or women who love to look modern and chic by using these antique designs can surely bring these home. Greek jewelry comes in all types but necklaces are the most popular ones. Keep up with the essentials new list here and use them whenever you want to display your taste for artistic jewelry.

Gold Plated Choker Jewelry

ACHILLE CHOKER by Agape Studio


Choker is one of the essentials on the list because they are the best fit for all kinds of outfits. Be it a pair of casual jeans and an outing with a friend or a party with your lover choker has got you covered. A choker goes best with long gowns too if it's crystal-studded. Buy these neck-hugging and neck-kissing chokers and become the center of attention. The chokers are always the gaze-worthy ones leaving everyone stunned by your sense of fashion.

Zodiac Necklaces

LIBRA NECKLACE by Agape Studio


The jewelry based on the sun signs is termed zodiac jewelry. Zodiac necklaces are the best way to depict your personality through your jewelry. Zodiac necklaces generally have pendants that symbolize the sun sign. Depending upon your choice you can choose gold-plated pendants or even silver toned but owning a zodiac necklace will always be the trending one.

Final Thoughts

Just like designing the jewelry is an art for the jeweler similarly choosing the best-suited and trending essential jewelry is an art. It can be time taking and confusing sometimes to know what all types of jewelry shall be included in your vanity when you are willing to stay up to the mark.

The jewelry types mentioned above can be used as a small guide to cruising you through the existing trend. Agape Studio has all the varieties of jewelry you would love to try and bring home to find the best jewelry online and the best gold plated jewelry online in uncountable designs you are just a click away! Check out now and see the vast arena filled with beautiful jewelry especially designed for beauties around the world.

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