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Article: Do Gold-Plated Rings Wear Off?

Do Gold-Plated Rings Wear Off?

Do Gold-Plated Rings Wear Off?

SOPHIA RING By Agape Studio

SOPHIA RING By Agape Studio

Wearing gold-plated rings will make you look like you have access to real solid gold jewelry because of the authentic, golden shine they give your fingers. Thanks to their unique look, people often wonder, ‘Do gold-plated rings wear off?’ to know whether investing in such jewelry pieces is worth it. The answer is more complicated than a simple yes and no. Based on multiple factors, it may wear off in time, but how much and how fast it depends on the brand that produced the piece and your maintenance and use of it.

It is essential to know that at Agapé, we plate our rings in a 3-micron gold layer. This is more than the usual practice of about 0.5 microns of gold; hence our plating is thicker and more durable.

You see, when done correctly, gold plated rings can be an excellent value for the cost and a wonderful addition to any style.

What is Gold-Plating?

When wanting to know how gold plated finger rings wear off and how fast, you first need to learn more about plating and how it works. At Agapé, first, we get inspired by the Ancient Times, architecture, and jewelry for the unique shape of each model. The creation is then based on 3D computer modeling. With our designer’s distinctive expertise, they incorporate the best shapes that can be then modeled into stunning rings.

This is when the production takes place, where we cast and melt the pieces and then galvanize them.

In the process of the gold-plated rings, both the designer and the jewelry maker have to have specific knowledge of which model and shape goes best for gold-plating to come up with finished pieces that will last long. Something that will support the galvanization process and take on the gold plating well.



After the initial modeling, the base metal we use is gilded through various methods before reaching the perfect finished state. Initially, we start with an ultrasound that cleans each piece. We wash and degrease it to be ready to take on the noble treatment in gold. To make your Agapé gold-plated rings last long, we make sure the galvanization process adapts to every single surface. This ensures the longevity of our elements.

Before the gold-plating, the base material is brass immersed in an alkaline tube. This is why your gold-plater rings or any of our other jewelry pieces will not cause allergies.

After the immersion, we plate our rings with a 3-micron gold layer. Our gold has been sustainably sourced, which does not degrade its value but respects Mother Nature and does not cost the Earth more.

We strongly encourage reading more about our creation process and getting to know our story.

Do Gold-Plated Rings Wear Off?

COME RING By Agape Studio

COME RING By Agape Studio

We are very confident in our work, and how well we produce our jewelry, so we offer a 2-year warranty against oxidation and gilding defects. You can buy our gold-plated rings with confidence that their gold will outshine the warranty, and you will enjoy the true worth of our gold.

Why Buy Gold-Plated Rings?

Whether solid or plated, investing in gold will always give you value and hold its worth because of how highly-regarded this material is.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one or you want to enhance your style with good-quality gold rings but cannot afford solid gold, then Agapé gold-plated rings are an excellent, long-lasting option.

This is because gold-plated rings are more affordable than the solid gold pieces, while with our thick 3-micron plating, they will last you for a very long time with the proper care. So, if you are wondering do gold-plated rings wear off, know that the quality of the production makes a world of difference.

Another vital thing to note when you want to know if gold-plated rings wear off is that we don’t use brass that is allergy-inducing, softer, and more susceptible to bending and oxidizing.

As we mentioned before, brass is a much better option as it provides none of the negative traits of copper and supports the galvanization process better.

How Do Gold-Plated Rings Wear Off?

CALIE RING By Agape Studio

CALIE RING By Agape Studio

The rate of the wear of your gold-plated rings depends on the thickness of the plating and the daily wear and tear and maintenance by you.

Our 3-micron gold layer is a solid base, thick enough to withstand the loss of color and shine over time. However, the wearing-off process might be sped up when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

In addition, we have written some tips on how to maintain the shine and original style of your gold-plated rings.

Do Gold-plated Rings Wear Off and How To Stop It?

We produce our gold-plated rings with utmost care and love, and we want you to wear them and care for them with love. How do gold-plated rings wear off? By exposing them to the following chemicals regularly without cleaning them thoroughly after:

  • Body lotions
  • Perfumed creams
  • Other body products that contain denatured alcohol. This not only wears the gold-plated jewelry but also dries your skin.
  • Makeup
  • Perfumes
  • Soaps
  • Detergents

Even if you are using gentler products than what’s in other products, as long as the blends are not pH neutral, your gold-plated rings will wear off.

When Do Gold-Plated Rings Wear Off?

ZITA RING By Agape Studio

ZITA RING By Agape Studio

When you wonder, “Do gold-plated rings wear off?” and if yours are already doing so, you should know that the first sign of gold-plated rings wearing off is the tarnishing.

When you notice your rings’ golden layer tarnishing and fading, this is the time to consider better care for your jewelry. Namely, when tarnishing, it means the molecules from the base are slowly surfacing the golden layer and mixing with its shine.

The good thing about brass is that as a base material, it isn’t as susceptible to oxidation and dulling your gold as brass or other lesser metals are. With the proper care, you can expect your Agapé gold-plated rings to last a lot longer.

How to Fix The Wear Off Of Gold-Plated Rings?

Once you see that your gold-plated rings start to show some tarnish, you know it’s absolutely the right time to take a measure. Agapé recommends regularly cleaning your gold-plated jewelry, not only when it shows wear and tear.

Aluminum-Soda Recipe:

This recipe will give your gold-plated rings a deep clean. It will work a miracle in restoring its shine and brilliance when removing severe cases of tarnish.

ZELIE RING By Agape Studio

ZELIE RING By Agape Studio

You can rest assured that this method is very gentle on the gold and all elements, so it will not be abrasive.

  1. Take a glass bowl and line it with aluminum foil. The shiny side of the foil should be on top in contact with the jewelry.
  2. Add one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of baking soda to the bowl.
  3. The amount of water should be enough to dissolve both powders and fully submerge your gold-plated rings.
  4. Place your rings in this solution and leave them for 5 minutes at a time. If your jewelry is severely tarnished, you can leave it inside for up to 15 minutes or until black, and yellow flakes start floating on the surface of the liquid.
  5. These flakes are the sulfur that caused the oxidation of the gold layer, and they will be attracted to the foil so will move away from the rings towards it.
  6. Once most of the tarnish has left your rings, remove them from the solution and rub it clean with a soft toothbrush if your rings have details that need to be scrubbed separately.
  7. After the gentle scrubbing, wash them with lukewarm water and use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry your rings.

Final Words

We truly hope we were of help when answering your question, ‘Do gold-plated rings wear off?’ The utmost care and love for our stylish, sustainable rings will make them shine for many years to come. Thanks for the careful creation of sustainable gold and high-quality materials. Looking to buy gold-plated rings? Check out our ancient-inspired pieces here and class up your style with our unique creations.

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