Do Gold-Plated Rings Tarnish?

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Do Gold-Plated Rings Tarnish When Worn Daily?

Gold-plated rings can tarnish because of two reasons, not taking proper care of your rings or not buying good-quality gold-plated rings. 

Wearing gold-plated rings is getting huge popularity lately because it’s cheaper than solid gold rings while still shining like real gold. It’s truly a win-win situation where you get to wear something that so closely resembles real gold without breaking the bank.

Are Gold-Plated Rings Good?

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Gold-plated rings are good to invest in. However, when you wear your gold-plated rings often, daily even, you need to keep them from tarnishing by cleaning them regularly. This way, you prolong their life and keep them from fading or turning dull.

Do Gold-Plated Rings Fade?

Yes, gold-plated rings can fade if you buy poor-quality jewelry or you don’t take good care of it. If you came here wondering, “can you get a ring gold plated?” or even replated because yours is tarnished, you’re at the right spot.

Here are the best tips to prevent gold-plated rings from tarnishing or fading.

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  • When wearing gold-plated rings, avoid putting on hand creams or touching acidic liquids such as citrus fruits, vinegar, and similar non-PH-neutral solutions that will eat away the protective layer of the gold-plating and cause your rings to tarnish.
  • Can you wash your hands with gold-plated rings? You can, but we suggest taking your gold-plated rings off, drying your hands thoroughly, and then putting them back on. This way, you protect your gold-plated rings from getting in touch with the soap too.
  • Keep your gold-plated rings away from makeup and perfumes, or other alcohol-based liquids that will tarnish the surface.
  • Store your gold-plated rings in separate jewelry boxes where they won’t rub off each other and will be protected from the elements. With each order at Agapé, we send you an eco-leather pouch where you can safely store your jewelry.

Do Gold Plated Rings Rust?

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Gold-plated rings can rust if they don’t have enough microns of plating. At Agapé Studio, we prevent our gold-plated rings from rusting by layering them with 3 microns of gold. That is more than the industry standard of 0.5 microns that others use. 

Additionally, we use brass as a base metal for our rings which doesn’t cause any allergic reactions on the skin and gives them a solid sturdiness.

How Much Is a Gold-Plated Ring Worth?

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Are gold-plated rings worth anything? Yes, gold-plated rings are worth it and are absolutely a worthy investment. They give you the opportunity to wear gold without breaking the bank. At Agapé, we ensure a 2-year warranty on all our gold-plated jewelry. This way, you can rest assured that with a little bit of care and maintenance, you can wear your gold-plated rings for a long, long time. 

Gold-Plated Rings FAQ

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Here we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our readers and visitors.

Can You Resize Gold-Plated Rings?

You can’t resize gold-plated rings which is why at Agapé, we craft our rings to be adjustable and suited to sizes from 50 to 58. 

Do Gold-Plated Rings Turn Your Finger Green?

Gold-plated rings can turn your finger green after years of use if not taken proper care of. Follow the tips in this article to ensure that your gold-plated rings last a long time without tarnishing or turning dull.

How Long Does a Gold-Plated Ring Last?

Gold-plated rings can last a long time if they are crafted with quality in mind. We use a 3-micron golden layer that protects the base metal and prevents oxidation. On top of that, our warranty of 2 years guarantees quality and a long-lasting shine.