The Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Her: Chokers

Achille choker paired with Gaia necklace

If you are looking for special and unique presents for Christmas, we suggest a type of jewelry not everyone thinks of, but surely everyone ends up loving in the end. Chokers

Surprised? Think twice. These are no ordinary chokers.

At Agapé Studio, we crafted our gold-plated chokers elegant, dainty, and graceful. All the characteristics a woman needs on her outfit.

How to Pick a Unique Christmas Jewelry Gift?


Galla Choker

Jewelry gifts are always well-received and loved by the one receiving them. You can be unique and gift her a choker that is well worn on its own or paired with other necklaces from our collection as you can see in the first picture.

This will give her the opportunity to fully express her style and be herself in all occasions.

Pick a Unique Choker

Isidore choker matched with Kara and Constantina necklaces

We have a few different types of chokers that embody different styles and match different personalities and types of looks.

To get a better idea of how chokers are worn and combined with other jewelry, we'll show some pictures of our necklaces beautifully paired with chokers.

The possibilities of mixing and matching are endless and that's the beauty and uniqueness of chokers.

Anatole Choker

This dainty choker is delicate but dazzling. It can be worn on its own but thanks to its small length, it can be paired with any other necklace without overcrowding the neck.

You can see below how we paired it with our precious Gaia necklace.

Gaia necklace with our Anatole choker

Resa Choker

We designed this choker with polished gold plating to make the fringes look like sun rays. It offers more shine than the Anatole choker, and as such, it is best worn on its own. 

Of course, it can also be beautifully paired with a lengthy necklace like the Medea shown in the second picture just above.

Orphée Choker

The dazzling shine of our Orphée is what makes this choker irreplaceable and so beloved by all. Its polished surface adds an alluring appeal to any look. As such, it can be paired with any toned-down necklace or worn on its own. 

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Horace Choker

Horace is a different type of choker. More massive than any other we’ve designed. It portrays chain links interlinked with each other like bonds of a friendship. We like wearing this solo, but our model in the picture below has paired it beautifully as well.

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Isidore Choker

Isidore is another dainty choker like the Anatole but with slightly more complex patterns that embellish the whole face.

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Achille Choker

This is a chic, contemporary choker that does not look as polished at first but is bound to be noticed and loved and first sight. It is fringy enough to be worn on its own but it can also enrich the look of any other necklace paired with it. 

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When Choosing a Christmas Gift for Her, Be Yourself

The most important thing is to be yourself when doing anything, including choosing a gift. Pick something unique she would like and don't be afraid of going overboard if you pick a necklace with your choker too. All the more things for her to be surprised with. Take a look at our full choker collection here and pick the one that catches your eye.