Christmas Gift Ideas for Her: Necklaces Guide

Kara and Constantina necklaces

A necklace is a piece of jewelry you can’t go wrong with when choosing a Christmas gift for her. A gift for mom or your sister or wife, make this Christmas special with our magnificent array of gold-plated necklaces.

The Best Necklace Gifts For Her

Let’s dive in and find the perfect style that will undoubtedly fit your loved one.

The Dainty Style

Estée with Nacre Pearls

Estée and Paola are two very subtle yet catchy pieces that can fit anyone’s style and uplift a special occasion outfit or be worn daily. Estée is made with Nacre - the Mother Pearl while Paola is its gold-plated counterpart.

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Paola Necklace

The Expression of Love

What better way to express love than through an “I love you” necklace?

Here we have Leona, Kara, and Aphrodite as our Love Trio in our necklace collection. Some of them can be paired with earrings or bracelets, so make sure to check out our full gold-plated jewelry collection.

These are THE BEST chokers that go well with these necklaces.

A Little Pop of Color

Séléné Necklace

Gold-plated necklaces, enriched with colored gemstones, are a delightful addition to a monochromatic outfit for an uplifting zest of color.

Here we have our Nacre pearl Medea enriched with the subtle translucent Mother of Pearl. 

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If you want something more alluring, take a look at Constantina. It offers the perfect blend of warm hue with the gold plating around.

Green enriches gold in any setting. With Petrus necklace, you can even get the whole collection of bracelet and earrings alongside this beautiful necklace.

Zodiac Collection

This gorgeous collection needs no introduction. Everyone is closely attached to their zodiac sign and represents its characteristics. Gift such a necklace and let her true personality shine through.

Earrings as a gift? YES, please!

Animal Collection

Are you looking for gifts for animal lovers? We have the perfect necklace designs depicting Ancient animals.

Some of these can be paired with earrings with similar motifs for the perfect set inspired by nature.

Necklaces for Her: Christmas Edition

We hope this article inspired you to buy the perfect Christmas gift for mom, friend or lover. You can take a look at our full collection of gold-plated necklaces here.