Love Rings? This is How You Build The Perfect Ring Stack

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What are Stacking Rings?

Stacking rings are a collection of varied rings that go well together when worn on one or more fingers at a time. They are blended across the hand. You could wear 3 or 4 rings on one finger, 7 rings over 3 fingers, or even up to 20 rings across all 10 fingers.

If this seems too much, trust us, it isn’t. If you put rings that work well together, you’d be surprised by how a good ring stack can elevate your style in a heartbeat.

Stacking Rings: Following Fashion Trends

Marguerite ring, Palma ring, Zena ring

Jewelry is almost as old as human civilization, with some crafted pieces dating back to 25,000 years ago.

With so many thousands of years of craft and development, many trends have come and gone, but some fundamentals of jewelry style have stuck around over long periods.

These are the classics that we saw 100 or more years ago and the same classics that we see today.

The current trend of ring stacking, or even wedding ring stacking, is dated back to the 16th century. If you thought this was some new fad trend that would soon disappear, think again. Ring stacking is here to stay, and we love it. And we’re not alone! 

Many of our rings are specifically designed to be worn as stacked rings, but thanks to their versatility and smart craft, you can wear them on their own, too, if minimalism is your thing.

With that, here is how to create your own ring stack or several of them. 

Can You Wear Stacking Rings Well?

Zita stacking ring, Elvire ring, and Thadée ring

Building a set of stacking rings will be the perfect opportunity for you to experiment and get creative. 

There’s no one set style. Wearing and styling jewelry is an individual and creative experience, the way you wear your ring stack is entirely up to you. And that is the beauty of it!

Stacking Rings Variations

Amelia ring x2

Stacked Wedding Rings

The most common example of stacking rings is the wedding ring stacker with a wedding band. Sometimes you can buy these two rings together, and they are made to complement each other by shape, style, and color.

However, you can also purchase one and then add different stacking rings to it. It will look different but still look magnificent as a set.

Everyday Stacking Rings

Paolina ring and Calypso ring

Stacked wedding rings are the most popular example of stacking rings, but not the only one. Stacked rings can be worn daily if you choose dainty rings and build a simple ring stack. It will look adorable yet still be no-frills and your to-go for any outfit.

How to Build a Stylish Ring Stack?

Filippa ring x2

Single-color Stacking Rings Set

When you want to build a stylish ring stack that won’t stand out too much, it’s important to establish a single-color metal. Especially if you’re already wearing a ring every day. For instance, if you have an engagement ring or wedding band, then the other rings in your ring stack may either match or contrast them.

Luna ring and Tyra rings x2

If you don’t have those ‘permanent’ rings on you, then you still might have a preferred metal color that you wear, or maybe you like to mix and match metals or gemstones.

Baseline Ring Stack

Elna ring, Diomede ring, Zephir ring

After you pick a metal or gemstone color, you need a base ring stack to build on to. This will be your baseline to wear every day, or play with it with different bold designs.

Start off with thin, unadorned band rings. These are intended for creating a baseline ring stack.

Hector ring with Côme ring

In the pictures across this text we’re showing you potential rings that can go into this baseline ring stack. 

At Agapé we offer various 24k rings, some simple and some with gemstones intended for stacking. Take a look at our full collection of rings here. 

Get Creative

Our baseline ring stack with Anna gemstone ring

Don’t hold back from showing creativity with your ring stack. Change it regularly and vary the rings that go in it. Add different color gemstones, different metals or anything else that your heart desires. 

Pick rings with larger stones to your baseline set of stacking rings. Something like the Gorgia ring in the picture below is the perfect example.

Maybe you won’t wear such a ring stack every day, but for special occasions, such beauty will make your ring stack pop.

If you don’t want to add color, you can create a centerpiece stack with the Astrid or Marguerite ring.

Having a good collection of diverse rings in different sizes will always help you to be more creative with your ring stacks and allow you to change them up regularly.

Daily Dose of Ring Stack

Our ring stack with Doris as a centerpiece ring

Your ring stack and jewelry choices are all about expressing your style. This is why you should have a few different ring stacks ready to go.

  • Going to a cocktail party, dressing elegantly? If you are wearing simple gold earrings and a necklace, you might want to wear a gold stack only—our thin, 24k rings for a classic, elegant look.
  • Dressing up for a fun night out? Throw some colorful gemstone rings and a single statement piece to spice it up. 

A Ring Stack as The Perfect Gift For Her

Sophia ring

Here’s what you need to know when gifting a ring stack.

First, look at the jewelry she already has. What’s her style, and what does she wear most regularly? 

For instance, if she wears and loves gold jewelry, gold stacking rings could be a perfect addition to their collection.

The best part with Agapé rings is that they are customizable in size so you can never go wrong when gifting each one.

Conclusion: Building the Perfect Ring Stack

Our stacking ring collection

Who doesn’t love being adorned in jewelry? Agapé’s carefully designed ring stacks will help you elevate your style to the next level.

Your ring stack should reflect your own unique style and should be a collection of rings that work best for you. Don't be afraid to change up your ring stack for versatile looks that are perfect for all occasions.