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Article: Black Friday Jewelry Deals by Agapé

Black Friday Jewelry Deals by Agapé

Black Friday Jewelry Deals by Agapé

Orphée choker, Alceste and Rania necklace

Are you looking for some fantastic jewellery deals on Black Friday? At Agapé we got your covered! Like last year, the Black Friday jewelry sales this year will have our Black Friday jewelry deals up for a whole week. Our Golden Week.

Black Friday Jewelry Deals

Aristide, Anna and Zena rings

The Black Friday jewelry sales at Agapé Studio start on the 22nd of November and will last until the 28th of November or until supplies last. 

We will not be restocking whatever gets sold out on our Golden Week, so hurry up and grab your favorite pieces. 

Best-Selling Jewelry Deals on Black Friday

Luna earrings with Elna, Côme and Hector rings

Not sure what to get? Whenever there are crazy-good Black Friday jewelry deals such as our Golden Week, we recommend getting jewelry sets or collections. 

Our sales week is when you have a chance to stock on matching necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and chokers and build a remarkable jewelry collection for yourself at a fraction of the price. 

Here are some of our favorites when it comes to pairing elegant jewelry and looking dashing.

The Sophia Duo

Sophia earrings

The Sophia earrings and ring are remarkable in how they add a statement to your look, yet they don’t send you over the top with your jewelry play.

The Alceste Duo

Alceste necklace

For the lovers of dainty, shiny, and gentle, Alceste necklace and bracelet will be a go-to pair that adds a spark to each outfit in a very delicate way.

Alceste bracelet

The Petrus Trio

Petrus earrings

Need some color in your life? How about a sophisticated, lush green? With this Black Friday jewelry deal by Agapé, you’re in luck.

Petrus bracelet

With the Petrus necklace, bracelet, and earrings, you can mix and match colors while staying in the realm of elegance.

Petrus necklace

The Achille Duo

Achille choker

Chokers are a step up from necklaces, and with Achille, you truly step up your style. This duo is luminous but in a very delicate way, so it catches the eye and sets you apart, yet is able to blend well with other jewelry combinations as a mix-and-match filler. 

Achille bracelet

The Syna Trio

Syna bracelet

A lacy chain with a centerpiece pendant is what the Syna necklace and bracelet are crafted of. The graceful design in 24k brings the touch of elegance everyone needs.

Syna necklace

The earrings are more catchy as they only feature the centerpiece pendant in the ideal length so that they can be tastefully matched with the necklace without clashing. However, they are catchy enough to be worn on their own too.

Syna earrings

The Roméo Duo

Roméo bracelet

With our Black Friday Golden Week Sale, this year, you’re able to uncover the stylish Juliet to your Romeo set. This lovely, petite set of earrings and even the lovelier bracelet show your love for impeccable style.

Roméo earrings

The Estée Trio

Estée bracelet

Pearls, pearls, pearls. They signify purity, joyfulness, and a lighthearted spirit. The Estée Trio is something you put on when you want more than gold. When you want to add depth without the excess of color and when you want to have ethereal look with the twist of gold.

Estée earrings

Did you know about our noble materials? Apart from the 24k gold plating, we use White Nacre pearls to make your styling dazzle.

Estée necklace

The Orphée Duo

Orphée choker

A dazzling shine no matter where you turn? With our Orphée duo, the polished bracelet and choker have a serious shine going on, and the only way to tame it is to wear a polished outfit, like a little black dress, and no other accessories. Orphée will do all the charming. 

Orphée bracelet

Black Friday Jewelry Sale Conclusion

Our Golden Week this Black Friday is all about indulgence without breaking the bank. Feel free to mix and match, create a lush look or a minimalist one. With Agapé jewelry, there’s only one rule: You have to feel good in your own skin no matter the jewelry blend.

Catch our Golden Week Black Friday jewelry sale and shine in 24k gold all year!

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