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Article: How To Find The Best Wholesale Jewelry Supplier For Your Business?

wholesale jewelry supplier

How To Find The Best Wholesale Jewelry Supplier For Your Business?

wholesale jewelry supplier

Model wearing our Cyra earcuff and Ariane earrings


How to Find a Good Wholesale Jewelry Supplier?

If you are starting a jewelry retail business, you know the key component to running a successful store is the quality of your goods. Unless you are handcrafting your jewelry, you must make sure that the products you are buying in bulk are certified and guaranteed as high-quality as you market them.

Verifying the credibility of your wholesale jewelry supplier is the first step towards finding one to work with long-term. Asking what is the standard of the jewelry that they are supplying is also crucial, because then you know that the jewelry passes the bare minimum quality tests and is worth your money and your buyers’ money as well.

By selecting the best wholesale jewelry supplier you are ensuring that the image and brand you build for yourself will be a lasting one based on trust and good reviews from your clients.

At Agapé, having worked with retailers over the years, we can guarantee a steady supply of our high-quality 24k plated jewelry and a smooth cooperation for as long as your business needs it.

Let’s dive into all the culprits of selecting the best wholesale jewelry supplier.

Buying Jewelry In Bulk: What to Know

wholesale jewelry

Amassia Ring

Making large purchases of jewelry online isn’t an easy task, especially if you are new in the business or you have just changed your supplier. As a jewelry retailer, you have to keep a many things into consideration while doing so, because every lack of attention to detail could be detrimental to your eShop.

To make this process easier for you, here we will talk about some key factors you should considered while choosing your online jewelry supplier.

Keep this checklist in mind next time when you want to buy wholesale jewelry because it will help you pick the best possible quality jewelry on the market. 

Identify The Production Process

wholesale jewelry supplier

Model wearing our Anaïs ring and Anatole ring

Once you have listed a several possible wholesale jewelry suppliers, do some digging into their manufacturing processes. Even thought your budget and type of shop (high-class jewerly store or mid or affordable pieces) will determine the quality you buy wholesale, still there will be some variations within your range and you won’t have to compromise too much on quality or pay too much for the best quality pieces.

At Agapé, for instance, we hand craft our jewelry pieces from hypoallergenic materials and galvanize them to cause zero irritations to the skin. This way, your buyers can wear the jewery for the years to come without risking their health. 

Furthermore, all our jewelry is plated in 24k gold with a thick layer of 3 microns of gold. This is no small details considering that other manufacturers’ standard is 1 to 1.5 microns.

Such thick plating will ensure that the jewelry does not tarnish as easily and won’t lose its golden shine. 

With some proper care, our jewelry can be worn without any issues for many years. This will reflect highly positively on you as the seller and help you build a good reputation with many returning customers.

Find The Certification

wholesale jewelry supplier

Model wearing our Pierra choker and Fand necklade

Certification means reliability and it guarantees quality. This does not have to be some international certification but simply confirming the materials and the gold karats they are using suffices. At Agapé we use a galvanized brass base onto which we plate with a 24karat gold. We provide you with all the requirements for verification of our noble materials. Most importantly, we took a sustainability pledge and stand firmly behind it.

Reviews are Reliable

Whether buying jewelry in bulk or for your personal use, people do extensive research to know whether the product is worth their money. The same goes for buying any goods, so we recommend you doing the same. Check out the reviews of the manufacturer, their social media and website to learn more about the brand’s reputation. 

Compare Brands

wholesale jewelry supplier

Our Syna bracelet and Phileas bracelet 

Contact more wholesale jewelry suppliers and get more offers before you make a final decision. As a top-notch wholesale jewelry supplier, Agapé is here to answer all your question about our story and process of creation, our physical store as well as contact us for any other inquiry about our terms and conditions on wholesale jewelry you may have.

Quantities of Order

Every wholesale jewelry store has a minimum order quantity. This can range from 50 pieces to 1000 and maybe more and less. You as a retailer know your store’s capacity and your budget for ordering in bulk. 

For instance, in the beginning you do not want to order large quantities of stock because your funds are limited and you are unsure about the response you will get from the buyers. On the other hand, if you have an established eShop and you know what your best sellers are, then you don’t want to run out of stock.


wholesale jewelry supplier

Model wearing some of our best-selling rings

Your wholesale jewelry supplier’s reliability is another very important culprit that can either make or break your business. Namely, after you establish what sells best, you don’t want to leave your buyers waiting for too long. They will eventually run off to another shop and get similar items that they like. 

So, you have to rely on your wholesale jewelry supplier and their stock to successfully run your business. Ensure that your supplier is always well supplied and know the turnaround time so that you know just when to order.

Reduce the Costs

When ordering through a middle party, you pay for the supplier and the middleman. This can sometimes significantly ramp up the costs and may deem the business unsustainable. We recommend getting a wholesale supplier which is also the manufacturer too. 

Such example is when working with Agapé. We are the sole producers and suppliers of our 24k gold jewelry. This way we guarantee high-quality of the items we produced ourselves and we can give you more accurate estimates of shipping times and production times of the jewelry you ordered when running out of stock.

Such delivery will greatly improve your profit margins and reduce the cost of your jewelry.

Determine The Methods of Payment

wholesale jewelry

Model wearing our Ysia choker and Alopé necklace

Once you have your list of wholesale jewelry suppliers and all the necessary information from them, ask about the payment methods before placing the order. Confirm the trustworthiness of the payment method for a hassle-free and secure payment process. Things to consider:

  • What modes of payment is your supplier offering?
  • How reliable are those? 
  • Have you ever worked with any?

If you don’t know the payment methods do some research online before making the payment. This often overlooked step could save you a lot of headache.

Return Policy

There are many reasons why you may want to return the jewelry you just bulk ordered. This could be due to deviation in the color, deformities and defects, size and fit of the jewelry (usually applies to rings).

If there are issues with the jewelry, you will have a hard time selling the items. This can result in significant losses and may even bankrupt your business. To avoid such hassle, ask your supplier beforehand whether they accept returns and give refunds. If so, what their terms are. 

Also, think about the return and refund policies you have with your customers. Providing a good customer care will produce many happy, returning buyers for the years to come.

Wholesale Jewelry Supplier | Conclusion

wholesale jewelry supplier

Model wearing our Théodora earrings

There are multiple things to consider when wondering how to find the perfect wholesale jewelry supplier. One of the most important things that will set apart different companies is the form of communication and the terms and conditions they offer when buying in bulk. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you decide to buy wholesale jewelry from Agapé.

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