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Article: Timeless Jewelry Gifts for Her Flawless Fashion Sense

Timeless Jewelry Gifts for Her Flawless Fashion Sense

Timeless Jewelry Gifts for Her Flawless Fashion Sense

Achille choker and Gaya necklace

Fast fashion has a way of tricking us that we can own so many pieces of jewelry or clothing to look different every day, yet that never happens. Every woman has a distinct sense of style, and she can look immaculate with a few classic pieces of jewelry if they are high-quality and well-paired. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for her, whether that’s a gift for mom, sister, or wife, sometimes you need to know what type of jewelry to get and not just which piece. 

Timeless Jewelry Gifts For Her

Peony choker combined with Constantina and Aphrodite necklace

When looking for the ideal gift for a woman, stay away from the fast fashion, cheap, poorly constructed garments that are bound to end up in the trash after a few wears. This won’t only be a disappointment to her but also pollutes the environment and creates tons of waste that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

This is why you should avoid following the fad fashion and look for timeless jewelry instead that she will wear and appreciate for years to come. 

Types of Timeless Jewelry For Her

Wondering what's built to last? Let's dive in...

Pearls, pearls, pearls

Estée necklace

Pearls never go out of style. They are immaculate, go well with most elegant outfits, and are just iconic. History tells us that people, even 6000 years ago, crafted jewelry with pearls and wore them in their human settlements all across the world.

Estée earrings

At Agapé, we use the precious Nacre Pearls, which are the mother pearls in the depths of the ocean. They are translucent, add shine and catch every eye in a subtle, minimalist way.

Alopé necklace

Take a look at our pearl pieces and choose the one that would suit her best. 

Statement-Piece Earrings

Aléa earrings

For the ultimate centerpiece outfit every woman will adore, you can get her captivating earrings of an oversized design that will require no other piece of jewelry to create an immaculate style. 

Cléon earrings

Just like the Aléa earrings or the Cléon earrings shown here in the photos.

Cordia earrings 

The Cordia earrings are also glamorous and magnetic and can elevate any outfit without much effort or pairing other pieces of jewelry. 

Such earrings draw attention to the face, making them great for highlighting a person's features. And because their design is so enchanting, they're suitable for the most special occasions.

Chain Jewelry

Syna bracelet

Chain-based jewelry is a very different style of jewelry that gives a special twist to any outfit.

Just like pearls and hoops, they're an example of a piece of jewelry that's been around for millennia, probably as long as jewelry has existed.

Syna necklace

You can wear chain jewelry as bracelets, necklaces, or even earrings. As you can see here in our photos, we’ve created some very beautiful chain-based pieces of jewelry that go well together.

Syna earrings

A recent trend has been for large, bulky chains, but more delicate chains are much more likely to become wardrobe staples that will stand the test of time.

However, the best is to buy a collection of chained jewelry. These pieces can then be worn together or separately.

Horace choker

Chains match particularly well with simple, timeless garments like a little black dress for a special occasion. But they're likewise a great accent to a casual outfit that's already busy with many patterns or other accessories.

Chain jewelry will never go out of style for the simple reason that nearly any outfit can be elevated by the luxurious glint of a strand of metal.

Take a peek at our chain jewelry collection, featuring an array of unique gifts for women.

Stacking Rings

Elna ring, Hector ring, and Côme rings

Rings are high in popularity right after necklaces. They are he most ancient form of jewelry that the modern world inherited. And it's not hard to see why. We have a tradition tied with rings in the form of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Doris and Thadee as statement rings

Sometimes, when on the go, women don’t wear any other form of jewelry except rings and that’s enough to create a flawless style. Both dainty stacking rings and larger statement rings are on trend while still being classic designs.

High-Quality Gold Jewelry Gifts For Her

Libra zodiac necklace with Selene necklace

No matter the form of the jewelry, we can all agree that gold is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Gold has been around since the dawn of time and ancient people used it in their jewelry crafting since the beginning. No wonder gold is one of the most enduringly prized forms of jewelry.

With our high quality, careful crafting with the best metals and fairly-sourced gold, we create 24k gold-plated jewelry that will last a lifetime - and well beyond.

Did you know that the oldest known piece of gold jewelry dates from almost 7000 years ago? Truly a timeless classic.

Gold is always a good investment, even in a purely practical sense. But beyond practical concerns, giving gold jewelry to someone is a show of love and an indication that your relationship, friendship, or family connection is a long-term investment. It makes a very special gift. Check out our gold jewelry collection here.

Find the Best Jewelry Gifts For Her

The best jewelry gifts for her are those that withstand the test of time. Just like your close connection to that woman. To find the perfect gift that she’ll love and wear again and again, take a look at our full gold-plated collection here.

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