The Best Jewelry Gifting Ideas

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When buying a jewelry gift for her, sometimes picking the perfect gift isn’t enough. If that woman matters a lot to you, you will want to make the whole gifting memorable. From the surprise to the unpacking and then the jewelry itself. It all has to be immaculate. 

This way, whether you are buying a gift for your mom, wife, sister, or girlfriend, you truly show them much you care for them.

How To Pick and Present The Perfect Gift For Her

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The right gift will make a person feel her best, but you can take the gift to the next level by presenting it in a unique way and making her truly happy and proud of you.

Here are some ideas on how to take her breath away by organizing a real surprise treat.

Get Creative With The Packaging

Apart from Agapé's leather pouch, gifts don’t always have to come in boxes. No matter how nicely wrapped it might be, the old way of unwrapping a box is outdated. We suggest putting the jewelry piece(s) on or in a stuffed toy, for instance. No one can resist an adorable, soft toy animal. And when she spots the jewelry on it or, even better, in the toy, it will create the perfect gifting moment that she remembers forever.

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

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No matter the age, everyone gets super-excited to participate in a scavenger hunt. Craft some creative cards with sayings she only knows that will lead her to her gift. 

She won’t only appreciate the gift in the end but also the thought and effort you put into the whole thing.

Place it In an Unexpected Spot

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If you’re not the one for scavenger hunts, then make her day special by spicing up her everyday routine with your jewelry gift. For instance, if she makes coffee every morning, put your gift in the coffee box or anywhere you are sure she’ll look.

If you are gifting at Christmas, add it as an ornament to the Christmas tree. 

If they wake up after you, you can also put it on her pillow to be the first thing she sees as soon as she wakes up.

Trick by Delivering the Unexpected

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Another plan for a surprise is to trick her into thinking you are gifting something else. You can do this by putting the jewelry box into another boring box. For instance, if you can find a box from a blender, put the jewelry there and seal the blender box, so it looks new and unopened. 

She will be thrilled to find the actual surprise inside what she thought was just another kitchen appliance.

Surprise Delivery

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If you have the habit of gifting often, you might want to change things up a bit and deliver this one in a more unique way. 

Find someone else to help you with the delivery, like her child or even a pet. She will definitely not see it coming, and she will be pleasantly surprised.

Takeaway Jewelry

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If you have the habit of staying in and ordering food with her, then you might want to plan an unusual gifting with the help of the delivery person. 

Ask the delivery person to bring the bag with only your gift to her. You will take the food beforehand and have the delivery person bring only one bag at the door. Make sure she opens the door while you’re standing nearby to witness the pleasant surprise when she gets our 24k gold instead of food that evening.

Plan a New Experience

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If your mom or wife or girlfriend or sister has never been hiking or they have some place they dream of visiting but never found the time, this is your chance. 

Plan this experience with them and in the middle of it gift them your jewelry surprise.

This way, you surprise them twice, and it surely will be something they cherish for a long, long time.

Make Any Gift for Her Memorable

Have we given you enough ideas for the perfect gifting moment? Check out our amazing collection of jewelry and start planning.