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Article: Are Gold-Plated Rings Worth It?

SOPHIA Ring by Agape Studio

Are Gold-Plated Rings Worth It?

SOPHIA Ring by Agape Studio

SOPHIA Ring by Agape Studio

Are gold-plated rings worth it? This is something surely you’re wondering when looking for stylish gold-plated rings for your impeccable collection. It’s true when they say not all that shines is gold, but gold-plated jewelry, when made pleasingly, definitely shines and is worth it!

How To Know: Are Gold-Plated Rings Worth It?

To know if your investment is worth it, first, you need to know what gold-plating is and where you are buying the gold-plated rings. The creator is as important as the product itself because there is a lot of variety and different gold-plated products on the market.

Gold-Plating Explained

To know if gold-plated rings are worth it, we will explain what gold-plating is and how Agapé does it with utmost care and love. Namely, gold-plated rings are very trendy because they look like real solid gold but are a lot more affordable. Less expensive metals are used in the process and made to look like solid gold. Thanks to this, the designs of the models can be a lot more trendy and flexible when it comes to shapes and forms and offers a lot more variety.

EOS Ring by Agape Studio

EOS Ring by Agape Studio

The gold in the plating process stops the corrosion and oxidation of the metal underneath, so you end up with a solid structure that does not give. Gold is the least reactive of all metals and won’t suffer from moisture and high temperatures. It does not melt or flake with use, as long as you properly maintain it after wearing it.

Later on, we will talk about the proper maintenance of gold-plated ring for women.

  • Firstly, we prepare the surface of our allergy-free brass base. It must be clean of any dirt, rust, or oil. We polish the surface with ultrasonic bathing and solvents.
  • Once the surface has been stripped clean of all dirt, we wash and rinse any residue of the solvents. At this point, our rings are ready to be nobly galvanized with real gold.
  • We apply a 3-micron gold layer, a thick layer of gold that adapts to every surface and ensures our elements' longevity. Temperature and voltage are carefully controlled for the gold to catch on the base metal.
  • An alkaline tube is also needed so that our brass gets its consistency and longevity.
  • After we coat the rings with gold, we rinse and dry them so that the gold has time to adapt and truly catch on each surface.

As you can see, gold-plating is a rather complex process that requires experience, precision, patience, and above all, love. These things ensure very high-quality jewelry you can wear for years.

Moreover, when wondering, “Are gold-plated rings worth it?” you should check the material below the gold and the thickness of the gold.

At Agapé, we use brass as a base, and all our jewelry is nickel-free, lead-free, and non-allergenic. When we coat it with gold, we use 3 microns which is a lot more than the standard 0.5 microns used in the industry. With such thickness, our rings are absolutely worth it! They gain durability, rich shine, and effective prevention from corrosion.

It is easy to see that gold-plated rings are worth the investment since they look like real-deal solid gold at a fraction of the price.

Another way Agapé rings are worth it is that we stand by our sustainability pledge. Our gold isn’t only thicker and shinier but also recycled, which means it does not take away from our Mother Nature while giving you all the luxury and shine.

Are Gold-Plated Rings Worth It and How to Extend Their Life

AMELIE Ring by Agape Studio

AMELIE Ring by Agape Studio

Gold-plated jewelry online cannot be sold for gold because of the nature of its creation process. However, you can truly make it worth it by extending its time of use for as long as you can.

When buying gold-plated rings online, it is important to know their thickness. The thicker the microns of gold, the higher the value and worth. Apart from that, the way to extend the life of your gold-plated rings and make them truly worth it is by taking good care of them.

To help you enjoy your gold-plated rings as long as possible, we have enlisted some of the most common problems that make gold tarnish on your precious rings.

  • Avoid harmful chemicals. We advise that you keep your gold-plated jewelry away from products like chlorine bleach, pools, and hot tubs containing chlorine, vinegar, and acidic fruit.
  • When applying care products, add your jewelry last. Body and hand lotions, perfume, makeup, and hairspray should all be used before putting your gold-plated rings because the compounds in these products can make the gold tarnish.
  • Proper maintenance. Regularly clean your gold-plated rings. This will remove any product residue from the outer layer and restore its shine. Do so by polishing your jewelry with a soft dry cloth.
  • Mild soap solution for deep cleaning. If your gold-plated rings need extra care, dip them into a container with mild soap to dissolve any surface oils built up over time. Do not rub the rings as you clean them but gently wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid contact with food. When cooking, remove your favorite gold-plated rings because items like vinegar, lemon, tomatoes, pineapple, or similar acidic foods can erode the gold by causing a chemical reaction.
  • At Agapé, with each order, we pack your gold-plated rings in an eco-leather pouch soft enough to keep your jewelry safe. Always keep your accessories away from sunlight and dust in this pouch. The elements like natural sunlight can cause the gold to fade and ruin its shine.
  • Limit friction of gold-plated rings. At Agapé, we love stacking. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, everything can be combined for a unique look that you’ll love. However, if you overdo it and your gold-plated pieces rub off of each other too much, you might notice the wear and tear on them sooner than expected.
  • Clean thoroughly after sweating. When wearing your gold-plated rings, you can’t do much if your hands sweat in the hot summer weather. However, you should clean your rings well after each use to avoid sweat accumulating on top and eroding the gold layers. You should also not wear your gold-plated rings or any other jewelry in the gym where it won’t only get damaged by sweat but also could take a hit and get damaged by the machines there.
  • Often wash when wearing gold-plated rings. Wash your hands before wearing your rings because they naturally contain oils that, when in contact with gold layers, can cause a chemical reaction leading to tarnish.

Are Gold-Plated Rings Worth It: Final Words

ATHENAIS Ring by Agape Studio

ATHENAIS Ring by Agape Studio

There are considerable advantages to getting gold-plated instead of solid gold pieces. The price point, the variety, and the stylish modern look you can build with them when stacking are just some of those advantages.

The best part is that Agapé gold-plated rings are worth it because they are thick enough to be durable and hypoallergenic so that you can wear them with ease of mind.

Gold-plated jewelry is the perfect cost-effective solution if you want to wear something different with every outfit and show your true style. As long as you take good care of your rings, their shine will last for years and bring you plenty of joy.

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